Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/29/2021: Who Won the Coin of Destiny?

Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/29/2021: Who Won the Coin of Destiny?

Big Brother 23 Recap for 8/29/2021: Who Won the Coin of Destiny?

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother 23 picks up with Tiffany celebrating her win with Azah, Claire and Hannah in the pantry, while Kyland cries to Big D over Derek leaving. He feels guilty, but has no regrets.


Sarah Beth is also crying because Derek accused her of playing like Nicole F before he was sent to jury. She is also upset Tiffany won HOH.


New alliance alert! Sarah Beth, Alyssa, Xavier and Kyland are The Monarchy.


Tiffany asks Kyland about who should go on the block and seems relieved that he is willing to be a pawn. She tries to throw him off by saying she is thinking of putting up Alyssa instead. Either way, the other nominee will be Sarah Beth.


Hannah talks to Tiffany about how she feels guilty about sending Derek to jury, but she assures her he will get over it and reminds her of the Cookout Alliance/loyalty.


Later on, Tiffany talks to Big D about playing for the coin of destiny and makes him think he will be put on the block.


She also talks to Sarah Beth, not only about playing the game, but to also shame her for helping get rid of Derek. This leads to Sarah Beth throwing Alyssa under the bus and Tiffany questioning her initial plans.


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Oh, Tiffany also shows off her HOH room, where she gets lots of goodies, pictures and letters from her loved ones.


Nomination ceremony time! Kyland and Sarah Beth are on the block, with Xavier as the third nominee. Tiffany says Sarah Beth is the real target. However, Sarah Beth thinks Kyland is the real target.


Coin of Destiny time. This could de-throne Tiffany from HOH, but change the nominees on the block. Xavier will still be on there due to her punishment, but Kyland and Sarah Beth could both be removed.


Big D and Claire both play, since they are the only ones with enough money.


Tiffany changes her mind about Big D playing, but he doesn’t want his money to go to waste. He also doesn’t want to win, because he thinks Tiffany’s plan to allow him to win HOH.


Claire wants to protect Tiffany, so she is playing to win….and does! However, nobody knows Claire won and she is the HOH. They just know Tiffany has been dethroned.


However, the nominees are exactly the same and we will have to find out on Wednesday who wins POV and if it will be used. Stay tuned.

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