Hell’s Kitchen Finale Recap for 1/25/2024

Hell's Kitchen Finale Recap for 1/25/2024

Hell’s Kitchen Finale Recap for 1/25/2024

-We are at the final episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Johnathan, Sammi and Ryan are the last three standing….and are all in it to win it!

-Chef Ramsay tells the final three to come up with a menu to determine their place in the finale.

-Ryan heads to the patio to meet Chef Jonathan.

-Sammi goes to the office to meet Chef Christina.

-Johnathan goes to the dorm to meet Chef Jason.

-All three of them talk to their sous chefs to come up with their tasting menu.

-Sammi talks about taking care of her dad and how she is determined to win and make him proud.

-Chef Ramsay takes the final three to meet Olympian Carl Lewis in the very stadium where people cheered for him as he won his gold medal.

-The three go into a helicopter to tour LA before they begin their penultimate (or for one, the final) meal of the competition, followed by a meal and new outfits, all provided by Chef Ramsay.

-Chef Ramsay is not only sweet to do this, but he is very interested in hearing about their lives.

-The next surprise is Chef Ramsay giving them a tour of their journey to the final three….this is beyond sweet.

-They got plane tickets to the destination of their choice before beginning the challenge that will determine the final two.

-They have to make a five-course meal, with an hour per course.

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-Giada De Laurentis is in the house to help judge, along with Brian Malarkey and Nyesha Arrington.  Johnathan and Ryan get 28 points, while Sammi gets 27 points.

-Chef Michael Cimarusti judges the next round. After his deliberation, Ryan takes the lead with 38 points, Johnathan has 37 and Sammi has 36.

-Chef Curtis Stone judges the final round. Ryan has 48 points and is in the finale. Sammi has 45 points, while Johnathan gets 46 points, giving him a place in the finale and Sammi in third place.



Hour 2!

-Ryan chooses Sammi as his sous chef, along with Jason, Carmen and Sandra.

-Johnathan chooses Dahmere, Donya, Leigh and Atoye.

-The final two need to complete one last dinner service with the help of their teams.

-The teams get to work making plans for the menu and who will do what part of the service.

-Ryan decides on a French themed menu, which confuses Carmen and Sammi, who are not experienced with the cuisine. Jason continues to give him an attitude.

-Ryan’s team is Sexy and Edgy.

-Johnathan continues to do everything for his daughter and makes sure his team knows that he appreciates them.

-Time to cook! Jason continues to give Ryan an attitude.

-Chef Ramsay calls Johnathan to his office to surprise him with his daughter and parents. She gives him a picture and tells Chef Ramsay not to yell at her daddy.

-Ryan gets a surprise of his own from Chef Ramsay….a visit from his wife and his dad, who flew all the way from Ireland.

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-Johnathan and Ryan are also gifted executive chef coats from Chef Ramsay.

-Time to cook! Both men are hard at work making this the best dinner service of their lives…..with the help of their teams.

-Dahmere is screwing up at the meat station, so Johnathan switches him and Donya, who steps it up and gets things done.

-Ryan continues to get his team working……only to run into problems with Sandra properly seasoning things.

-Jason undercooks the chicken for Ryan’s team, adding a side of attitude to the menu.

-Before long, it is all over and it is time for Chef Ramsay to read the comment cards and pick a winner.

-The winner is……RYAN!!!! Congratulations to both men for doing so well in this competition.

-That’s a wrap for this season, thanks for reading!

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