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Special Forces: World's Toughest Test Finale Recap for 11/27/2023SPECIAL FORCES: WORLD’S TOUGHEST TEST: L-R: Tyler Cameron and Tom Sandoval in the SPECIAL FORCES: WORLD’S TOUGHEST TEST season finale “Capture” episode airing Monday, Nov. 27 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Pete Dadds/ FOX. ©2023 FOX Media LLC.

Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Finale Recap for 11/27/2023

-It has all come down to this….the season two finale of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. Five celebrities remain: Tom Sandoval, JoJo Siwa, Nick Viall, Tyler Cameron and Erin Jackson.

-The recruits are captured and taken in for interrogation. They use techniques not approved by the Geneva Convention.

-Before the interrogations begin, the recruits are talked down to by the staff and interrogators. They also have the chance to eliminate the recruits at any given time.

-They are all bound, subjected to disturbing sounds and given several other sorts of torture. They are also told to strip off their clothes and marked.

-JoJo tries being her sweet self with the interrogators, but is then called out for her high pitched voice.

-Tyler admits that he can’t use the compass and….hits on the female interrogator?

-Tyler’s face is shoved into cold water, while the others remain in the freezing cold holding cell…..with crying baby sounds.

-Tom ends up so cold that he ends up with hypothermia…..and might have to be medically removed.

-Tom seems to act like he is aware and is accused of being overdramatic. He is sent back to the holding cell.

-Tom’s interrogation begins and it seems to be a disaster in the making. He ends up being kicked out of the competition.

-Hearing the crying baby sound mixed with the AOL noises is such torture just watching it.

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-JoJo cracks and tries to convince herself to stay. After a talk with the umpire, she withdraws.

-The staff is impressed with her and how she decided to put her personal life first. She is a class act through and through.

-The final three are given a cover story to use while interrogated. They are all put to the test.

-They are all killing it!

-The recruits get objects thrown on them as they are questioned in order to get them to break.

-Did Erin push the water back at the interrogator? That was BADASS!

-Due to her reaction, Erin is given the impression her life is in danger. They cover her face and make her think that they are putting her in water, but she pushes through and makes it to the next stage.

-Are they giving them lunch? The female interrogator is sweet to Erin and tells her she did well.

-Wait….so only Erin eats while Tyler and Nick watch? WTF is happening?

-The guys are asked questions and get water thrown on them if they answer incorrectly.

-The interrogators take Tyler and Nick aside separately to talk to them…..and it ends up being a success.

-Erin gets to eat her food while the guys are questioned?

-The staff puts the recruits back in the barracks while they talk about their pros and cons.

-The staff brings the final three outside to tell them their fate.

-All three of them passed the interrogation phase. However, that doesn’t mean they passed selection.

-The staff tells each recruit how much they have grown throughout the week…..and announce that ALL THREE PASSED SELECTION. HUGS ALL AROUND!!!

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-That’s a wrap for this season!

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