The Amazing Race Recap for 10/11/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 10/11/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 10/11/2023

The Amazing Race 35 takes us to Vietnam this week, with everyone leaving in the order they made it to the pit stop. However, they must book their flights ahead of time, which can change everything.


Jocelyn and Victor, Rob and Corey, Greg and John and Morgan and Lena are all on a 1:45 pm flight that will get them to Vietnam at 3:25. Todd and Ashlie are on the 7:55 flight, along with Steve and Anna Leigh, Liam and Yeremi, Andrea and Malanie and Robbin and Chelsea. Joe and Ian are on the 1:50 flight with Joel and Garrett.


The 1:45 flight is delayed until 3:00, so this allows the people on the 1:50 flight to pull ahead.


Once they arrive, they must claim a time for the next day’s task, all of which are in fifteen-minute increments.

At this point, Morgan and Lena wonder if they should use their express pass.


The next morning, the teams travel on sampans on the Cai Rang Floating Market to deliver fruit to vendors. Once their task is completed, they will get their next clue.


Morgan and Lena use their express pass.


Rob and Corey, Steve and Anna Leigh, Joel and Garret and Joe and Ian begin the task first, with Joel and Garrett finishing first.


Detour! Once they finish their task, the teams must choose to either make twelve pieces of rice paper or cut, apply and heat vinyl onto a motorbike panel.

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Joel and Garrett choose paper, as do Steve and Anna Leigh, Rob and Corey, Todd and Ashlie, Jocelyn and Victor, Greg and John, Robbin and Chelsea and Andrea and Malania.

Morgan and Lena, who used the express pass for the previous task, do plastic, along with Joe and Ian and Liam and Yeremi.


Anna Leigh and Steve struggle with the task and she gets frustrated with him.


There is also a dog there for no apparent reason….but PUPPY!!!!!! There is a PUPPY!!!!


Anna Leigh and Steve manage to finish the task and go to the Pit Stop….Phuong Nam Zen Monastery. Joel and Garrett are hot on their heels.


Andrea and Malania must wait their turn for an oven for the Paper detour.


Pit Stop! Anna Leigh and Steve arrive first….to get another clue which has them continuing the race. Joel and Garrett, Corey and Rob, Todd and Ashlie, Robbin and Chelsea, Morgan and Lena, Joe and Ian, Greg and John, Andrea and Malania, Jocelyn and Victor and Liam and Yeremi follow….all to find out that they must keep racing.


More next week, stay tuned.

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