America’s Got Talent Recap for 9/26/2023

America's Got Talent Recap for 9/26/2023

America’s Got Talent Recap for 9/26/2023


Tonight is the penultimate episode of America’s Got Talent on NBC for the season. Eleven acts will perform and one will be crowned the winner tomorrow. Terry Crews hosts while Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara judge.


Adrian Stoica and Hurricane: Awww, one of his other dogs died! So sad. The whole act has a movie theme, which is different and cute. The addition of Sofia as the leading lady is a nice touch. Dog acts always make me smile, so I loved this.

Howie quips about it being a dog show with a man act and everyone else agrees that it is amazing.


Mzansi Youth Choir: I love their energy and how they all seem to be in sync with one another. They have such a beautiful chemistry and joy that it is hard not to love them.

The judges think they had the perfect night and that they love them.


Avantgardey: They only had a few days to put this together, but it looks like it took months…wow. They have such skill and talent that it is hard not to be spellbound by the performance.

The judges think this is their best performance yet.


Lavender Darcangelo: Her rendition of You Will Be Found had me in tears….WOW. She not only has the voice to make it far in her career, but the power…..that voice is unbelievable.

The judges adore her and think she taught the world happiness.

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Chibi Unity: They did an emo performance with no props and just raw, beautiful dance….I am glad this is their final dance because there is no way they can top this performance.

The judges think this is the best performance of the night so far.


82nd Airborne Chorus: Their rendition of Brother is moving and beautiful. There is a bit of a mistake at one point, but they were able to overcome it and make this one of the best performances we have seen from them so far.

The judges thank them for their service and consider this one of the best performances of the night.


Anna Deguzman: She does a card trick, which isn’t a surprise, but she was able to spell out the date ans time based on stickers from the audience. It is very interesting to see how she pulls it off.

The judges cannot figure out how she did it, but are proud of her.


Ahren Belisle: He makes fun of Murmuration and has his dog with him. The act isn’t quite my style when it comes to comedy, but he is quite entertaining.

The judges think he did well and love the edginess of the performance.


Putri Ariani: She does an Elton John cover and makes it into a ballad. She has such heart and power in her performance, making her command the stage in a way I have never seen before.


The judges think that she was born to do this.


Ramadhani Brothers: They add a pole to their balancing act, making it even more dangerous and scary. They also add stairs and a flat ended pole, which has me peeking through my fingers because I am scared that they are going to get hurt…. luckily they are safe!

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The judges think they deserve to be in Vegas.


Murmuration: What a way to end the night! They are by far the best dance troupe the show has seen in a long time….I have no words for how good they are…WOW.

The judges think they have a good chance at winning.


Finale tomorrow, stay tuned!



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