The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 12/5/2023

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion Snark and Highlights for 1/23/2024

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 12/5/2023

-Angie answering the phone wearing mustache bleach and those under eye things is such a mood.

-These women have closets bigger than my first apartment, sheesh!

-I think I took less luggage when I moved into my college dorm than these women brought for the whole trip….and I took a lot of crap with me.

-Are they opening champagne in the car? Also, that car looks cramped. Also again, John needs a raise. Poor dude looks annoyed AF.

-Sleeping pills, champagne, rum….I would be dead if I had all that.

-Every trip ends up with the women racing for rooms and ends up with someone whining. This is no different.

-Was Meredith really planning on taking a bath on the trip? Is she really THAT upset over it?

-I have no idea what is true or what is exaggerated about Whitney saying she is helping Lisa become a better person, but Heather is really Rinna-ing it up with her shit-stirring.

-Did Lisa really say Whitney should go back to church to meet Jesus? Is she becoming Mary?

-Angie was sweet to bring Meredith food.

-Meredith really does seem sick….but she needs to let the bathtub thing go!

-Heather is using her tub for a hamper? What? Doesn’t she still need to use it to shower? Or does she have a separate shower?

-I have to say, the view is gorgeous.

-Meredith needs a medic….I hope she is okay!

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-Meredith needs an IV, I wonder what happened.

-A rum tasting sounds fun. It reminds me of that Call Me Kat episode where Kat pretended to be a rum expert.

-It is kind of sweet of Heather to help Monica connect with her heritage on this trip.

-The Golden Girl cocktail was named after Flora Duffy? I didn’t know that.

-Is Meredith getting her makeup done while she is hooked to an IV?

-At least she is able to go to dinner?


-I have no clue what these women are even fighting over….bathtubs, threatening people, Heather taking men home…WTF?

-They order half the menu and go back to fighting.

-Now the topic is Lisa and Whitney fighting over how Whitney felt Lisa treated her after her friend died. Lisa is playing victim and throwing Heather under the bus for the comment about Whitney making Heather into a better person.

-Monica eating calmly during this fight is such a mood.

-So if they come to blows over Heather….then maybe Heather is the problem?

-She’s Mormon 2.0? WTF does that even mean?

-How do you respectfully tell someone to shut the fuck up?

-A weird diva teen in a Lisa cult? WTF is happening?

-Maybe Whitney wanted Lisa because they had a bond? I know when bad things happen I want certain friends over others because they are better at comforting.

-Is Heather jealous or suffering from Main Character Syndrome? Why does it matter why Whitney wanted Lisa in that moment?

-A thunderstorm comes and they all leave….did they ever get the rest of their food?

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-It’s soaking wet! Ummmmm……that’s what happens when it rains?

-Wine, mac and cheese and fish with tartar sauce after the dinner from hell lite….that is a choice.

-Now we have a pissing contest over who will win in a fight—Heather or Whitney.


-Gaslighting and manipulation 101 over….what exactly?

-Angie is in the Greek mafia? Monica and Meredith believe this because it came from a random Instagram account? And another rando told them that Angie and Shawn are into shady business dealings? 1. Why would you believe a rando? 2. People read random DMs? I barely read the ones from people I know, let alone strangers.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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