Masterchef Recap for 6/5/2024 Baby Boomers Auditions

Masterchef Recap for 6/5/2024 Baby Boomers Auditions

Masterchef Recap for 6/5/2024 Baby Boomers Auditions

-It is Baby Boomer Audition Week on Fox’s Masterchef! Five Boomers will be chosen to compete with the previously chosen Millennials, Gen Z and Gen X.

-Joe Bastainich’s mom Lidia is on hand as the special guest judge. She is a world-renowned chef, cookbook author and restauranter,

-Each Boomer will have 45 minutes to cook their audition meal.

Rebecka is a mom and grandma who cannot wait to show off her skills. She is making pork chop with sour cream mash, jalapeño gravy and brussels sprouts hash. The judges banter with her, so she tells them that they have never seen a mama with a wooden spoon.

Rebecka is also a retired professional opera singer.

The judges aren’t impressed with the presentation, but love the flavors. She is sent to the next round. Derak

As an aside, the banter between Joe and Lidia is awesome, they need their own spinoff.

Derak makes a sticky pork belly and grits with a Quail egg on top. He is a dad, granddad and great-granddad. He has spirit and a vibrant personality that will be perfect for the show.

The pork belly is good, but the grits are a bit gummy. The judges are on the fence with him due to the inconsistency of the dish and ultimately send him home.

Warren is a 70-year-old retired flight attendant who tasted food from all around the world. He is cooking chicken piccata with roasted asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes, which the Niece Squad call the real deal.

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He quips that is body was a temple, but now it is a ‘temple of doom.’

The judges think the dish is smooth and beautifully cooked and send him to the next round…even though it was a no from Joe.


Horacio is a fun, animated man from Brazil who loves to party and nap. He quips that he plates like a truck driver, but adds lots of flavor.

He makes moqueca with shrimp and peppers. The judges debate on the plating and the peppers being peeled, but send him to the next round. Once again, Joe says no.


Geags is sixty years old and a former jock turned personal trainer. He has Chef Gordon Ramsay and Aaron Sanchez do a jumping jack and push up contest.

His dish consists of jasmine rice, salmon and spinach with mango chutney. It is a very simple dish that is beautifully cooked. However, it is under-seasoned. Despite all this, he gets three yeses, with Chef Gordon Ramsay being the one to say no this time.


Cowboy Al makes roast venison with veggies and potatoes. We don’t learn a lot about him, but his dish is a bit too simple, so he is sent home.


Christopher is a cancer survivor who is back and better than ever. He is making Japanese fried chicken and rice, paying homage to his home country of Japan. Joining him is his birth father, who he just met last year thanks to 23 and me.

The dish looks traditional and tastes delicious…despite being slightly under-seasoned. Chef Gordon Ramsay talks to Christopher’s dad and then has his dad give him the apron.

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More next week, stay tuned.

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