Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/12/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/12/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/12/2023


It is night two of CBS’s Big Brother Reindeer Games. Last night, we saw Cameron leave after losing the Santa Showdown to Xavier. Only eight people remain: Xavier, Taylor, Nicole, Frankie, Cody, Britney, Danielle and Josh.


Britney and Danielle plan on targeting Cody and Frankie in order to break up the power duo.


Danielle is also in an alliance with Xavier, Josh and Taylor.


Frankie and Xavier bury the hatchet and claim there are no hard feelings.


Cody and Nicole discuss where he stands and think that if Frankie is safe, he will be as well.


We begin night two of challenges with another competition involving Christmas songs. This time, Jordan returns and tells them that they need to find which song on the list is not torn up. Britney and Taylor throw the competition because they don’t want to win and have to punish someone.


Cody wins and must choose three people to join his team for the next challenge. He chooses Nicole, Frankie and Xavier, making Danielle, Josh, Britney and Taylor the rival team.


Taylor is also given a punishment….to be revealed later.


The second competition is a Jingle Bell Brawl that has them decorating four trees with ornaments of different weights. They must keep them balanced in order to win. Taylor’s team has a fifth tree for the punishment.


The teams get to work, with Nicole struggling the most. It is a close call, but Britney, Taylor, Josh and Danielle win. They are all safe from elimination. However, they must choose one person from the losing team to be safe from the Santa Showdown.

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After the winners talk to members of the losing team, they decide that they are going to save Nicole because the guys are too strong.


Xavier is unhappy, but his alliance explains that he is not the target and they want either Cody or Frankie out.


The Showdown has the guys assemble gifts for five picky kids. The first two to complete it wins, the last one will be eliminated.


Xavier is the first to finish after two attempts in getting it correct.


Frankie finished second after replacing one of the other toys from the workshop….and after watching Xavier’s work.


Cody is eliminated and takes home fruit cake, courtesy of one of the boxes under the tree.


More Thursday, stay tuned!




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