Married to Medicine Recap for 11/26/2023

Married to Medicine Recap for 11/26/2023

Married to Medicine Recap for 11/26/2023

-If all these women have issues with Quad, why are they still friends with her? Just let the mouse go!

-How did the wedding cost $14,ooo more than Sweet Tea anticipated?

-I would be worried about weird outbursts too….especially if they were happening toward someone I loved.

-To be fair, Dr. Simone’s son Myles was also in college during COVID, so I assume classes were delayed or he was unable to take some of them, but she is right about him having to be a man.

-I changed my mind…Sweet Tea needs to RUN from this marriage.

-Bridal event 2….let’s hope this one doesn’t have uninvited guests or end in disaster.

-I get Dr. G calling Quad and asking why she was at the party, but he is also being incredibly nasty.

-Sweet Tea’s dress is gorgeous.

-Dr. G is older than Sweet Tea’s mom? That is….unexpected.

-Is it me, or does everyone seem to be convincing themselves that Dr. G and Sweet Tea are going to last?

-I would miss the wedding if it was on the same day as my daughter’s prom. No way I would miss seeing her off to prom.

-Isn’t it against a whole bunch of rules to wear white to a wedding? I’m glad Pheadra said something.

-Dr. Damon and Dr. Heavenly are turned away from the wedding after they were both at wedding events? That is such BS….and so tacky.

-Everyone is buzzing about them not being on the list…..and not about the wedding itself….hmmm.

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-Sweet Tea’s nephew is adorable.

-I am half expecting Dr. G to pull a Ross Gellar and say the wrong name at the altar.

-Did Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Damon sneak into the wedding? WTF?

-The wedding went off without a hitch…..that was unexpected!

-Why would they bring the Quad drama up at the wedding? Can’t they let anything go for one day?

-Quad’s spa and relaxation night seems like heaven…..and her snark about the wedding with the fake congratulations was something else!

-Was there a stripper at the wedding? What is happening right now?

-The wedding ended with happiness….for now.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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