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Married to Medicine Season Nine Premiere Snark and Highlights

Married to Medicine Season Nine Premiere Snark and Highlights

  • Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone seem to be really rekindling their friendship, which makes me so happy.
  • Dr. Simone doing the impromptu car commercial is hilarious.
  • I love the bromance between Curtis and Cecil.
  • The O-Shot to help improve orgasms sounds….interesting to say the least. Has anyone actually gotten this done? Does it work? Asking for a friend….
  • Dr. Heavenly’s beauty store looks amazing and I am glad she has her family to help her make it happen.
  • Quad’s fashion sense is GOALS.
  • I love Dr. Heavenly, but it was out of turn of her to speak about Dr. Contessa’s relationship on her show.
  • I am so glad Dr. Contessa and Scott are working things out.
  • I had no idea Dr. Contessa was a pageant girl or that she was in the military. Thank you for your service.
  • Quad’s dogs look like they came from Rainbow Brite Land.
  • Quad’s life changed in more ways than one….taking care of her nephew, a new house, her mom living with her….wow.
  • My heart breaks for Mason….losing his dad at a young age and moving in with Quad…..and she is amazing for taking him in and giving him the best life she can.
  • Anila’s house looks great, but for 2.5 million it better have the bells and whistles of The Jetsons and Smart House homes combined….and clean itself.
  • Why is there a cow pooping in Anila’s house?
  • Toya’s house has an elevator? And it works, unlike the one on The Big Bang Theory. I guess it is good on laundry day?
  • I would have taken the socks out of the bag too. Toya never told him not to until it was too late.
  • Anila’s house blessing looks like an incredible event.
  • Henna always looks so beautiful.
  • Considering he used a double negative, Dr. Damon indeed has lady friends.
  • Why is Anila’s husband being so jerky to her?
  • Heavenly is spoiled. Okay then!
  • The names on each house and scene reminds me of Bob Hearts Abishola.
  • More next week, stay tuned.
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