Married to Medicine Recap for 11/12/2023

Married to Medicine Recap for 11/26/2023

Married to Medicine Recap for 11/12/2023

-Quad is back tonight! I missed her!

-I had no idea Quad and Phaedra were such good friends.

-Gentleman Friend is a good name for someone you are dating and his identity is nobody’s business.

-Sweet Tea and Dr. G. are actually quite cute together. She cooks for him, he appreciates her, and they just seem so sweet.

-Dr. G. trying to figure out what blush (the color) is made me laugh way too hard.

-I know they are bickering over wedding stuff, but they do seem to love each other.

-Wait….Dr. Jackie is Da Brat’s OB/GYN?

-Dr. Jackie scaling back on her schedule is such a smart thing to do.

-Geriatric pregnancies are so scary…I never knew there were so many risk factors.

-Da Brat is hysterical!

-Toya and Dr. Eugene having the sex talk with their kids is awkward AF….and these poor kids having to do this on TV….it is just as bad as when Melissa had the talk with Antonia on RHONJ.

-The ladies going wedding dress shopping with Sweet Tea is so much fun….it is like the Housewives version of Say Yes to the Dress!

-This wine event looks like it is going to be so much fun…..but we all know there will be a fight before it is over.

-Yep….here we go with the drama.

-Sweet Tea is stressed over the wedding and Dr. G’s lack of involvement. Dr. Simone is sweet to comfort her and remind her why she is getting married in the first place.

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-I agree with Phaedra, they need to talk things out with Quad instead of being Nancy Drew with the he said/she said bs.

-The Boxed Wine Bitch tasting game (guessing Toya’s wine vs. the boxed wine) sounds like so much fun.

-Dr. Simone wins the game and gives a speech thanking her loved ones and asking for World Peace.

-I had no idea Phaedra knew Dr. G. for so long. I am glad she is talking to him about his upcoming wedding and relationship to make sure this is what he wants.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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