The Bachelor recap for February 12, 2018

Tonight is the sixth week of The Bachelor on ABC. When we last left, Krystal was eliminated, much to the joy of the other girls in the house and after another rose ceremony, only seven girls remain, with only four going on to next week’s hometown dates.

There is no rose ceremony, just dates—three one on one and a group date.

Date 1: Becca K. is on this date. They walk around, get food and talk about their relationship. They also make out and drink wine. They also talk about her family and who he will be meeting next week if she is chosen. She gets a rose.

Drama Break: Jacqueline is having doubts about her feelings for Arie, so she goes to talk to him. They have wine and kiss as well. He tries to understand what she is struggling with and she says she needs more confidence.

However, between the kissing and crying she decides to go home. She says goodbye to everyone and there are tears all around.

Date 2: Lauren gets this date, which pisses off Beckah M. They explore nd eat pizza, which she says is very Italian….and honey? You’re in ITALY! What did you expect? Sushi or mariachi bands?

Then they play soccer with a bunch of young whippersnappers…and, I don’t know…and honestly? I don’t care either.

She tells him she is falling in love and **cricket**…..he leaves. WTF? Did he not feel the same? Get scared? End up with the runs from all that food? No, he is in the woods….maybe expecting Bigfoot to show up and give him guidance?

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He is back….and says he pictures himself with her family. He is also falling for her. He gives her a rose and they make out.

Date 3: Seinne gets this date and they meet some random family and make pizza. They enjoy a meal together and all I got from it is that the food looks delicious.

At their own dinner, they cut more and she fills him in on her family. They also discuss their relationship. She says it took her awhile to get there, but she is ready for their next step. However, he feels that something is off and sends her home.

Date 4: Bekah, Kendall and Tia are on this date. Tia plans to use this date as a chance to tell Arie Bekah is too young for him and I have two words for her, and they aren’t Happy Birthday.

He spends time with all the girls to talk about their relationships, families and to of course make out with them. However, Tia, thinking she is being a big sister, uses the time to bash poor Bekah, who is left in tears.

Arie hugs Bekah and lets her cry. They discuss meeting her family and it seems like they want her happy and don’t care so much bout the age difference.

Kendall and Tia get roses, which means Bekah is sent home. Actually, Tiaa and Bekah get an impromptu one on one since Kendall got the rose first and whatever, I don’t care.

Poor Bekah leaves in tears and I really feel for her….especially when Tia treated her so badly. However, despite the tears, she still manages to be a class act and tell him it is going to end well for him.

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More next week! Stay tuned!

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