Lego Masters Recap for 11/30/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 11/30/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 11/30/2023

It is semifinals week on Fox’s Lego Masters. The final teams will make a roller coaster in 12 hours. Will Arnett hosts, while Amy and Jamie judge.


Paul and Nealita do a game night theme, but not before asking Kelly and Emilee their plans. The ladies are doing a ladybug themed roller coaster.


Christopher and Robert do a dragon dance roller coaster.


As always, the teams work while Will, Amy and Jamie observe and give commentary. Emilee and Kelly struggle and soon get overwhelmed.


Sam and Neena make a Kraken themed roller coaster, but use their own loops instead of the ones suggested by the judges.


Robert and Christopher’s spiral lift isn’t working and is causing problems for the build as a whole. They might have to rethink their plans.


There is a minifig accident…which Will marks on a sign counting how many days they had without one.


Robert and Christopher finally fix their build and get it to work.


Neena and Sam also get theirs working properly despite the doubts from Amy and Jamie.


Nealita and Paul’s build starts off strong, but keeps getting stuck.


Emilee and Kelly are thrilled their build ends up exactly as intended.


Before long, it is time for each team to present their build. The judges and Will give pros and cons to each one, as per usual.


All these builds seem so cool. They should pull a DWTS and make everyone go into the finals.

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Christopher and Robert win the challenge and go to the finale.


Neena and Sam are also in the finale!


Nealita and Paul are in the finale!


Emilee and Kelly are eliminated.


Finale next week, stay tuned!!

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