Snake Oil Recap for 9/27/2023

Snake Oil Recap for 9/27/2023

Snake Oil Recap for 9/27/2023

Snake Oil on Fox is a show that determines which business is real and which is fake….by celebrities paired with an everyday person. David Spade hosts.

Michael is an insurance investigator paired with Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child.

Erin is a lawyer/baker paired with Rob Riggle.

Baby Trinket Bracelets: Jewlery made from baby teeth and hair. The pairs watch an infomercial based on the show and then Michael and Michelle question the inventor.

The Deer Slayer: Venison vodka. The inventor shows his infomercial and gets questioned by Michael and Michelle.

Michael locks in Baby Trinket Bracelets as the real product and invests $7,000.

Erin has a chance to poach but declines.

The real product is….DEER SLAYER. Michael and Michelle lose the money they invested in the fake product.


Round 2:

Smith’i the Tie Protector: After the pairs watch the infomercial, they are questioned by Erin and Rob.

North Meets South Dating App: Another infomercial is played and the inventor is interrogated.

Erin and Rob agree North Meets South is the real one and invest $6,000.

The app is fake, so they lose $6,000.


Michael and Michelle were given the chance to poach and invested $7,000.


Both teams then each take on two more inventions. First up is Irresistible Wax (wax food), followed by Scrubbies the Blowfish (toilet cleaner). The teams watch the infomercials and question the inventors.

Erin and Rob invest in Irresistible Wax.

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My Pampered Feet is up first (foot cleaner), followed by Soap Faces (soap in the shape of faces). Both infomercials are played, and then the inventors get questioned by Michael and Michelle.

Michael and Michelle invest in My Pampered Feet.


Erin and Rob chose the real product and end up with $74,000.


Michael and Michelle also invested in the real product and end up with $85,000. They will go to the snake pit.


The snake pit has him putting four products in the pit and picking the fake one. He listens to four pitches and chooses Swim Airs as the fake product.

Kool Breeze Solar Hat: Real

Can Go Smart Cane: Real

Runbell: Real

Swim Airs: Snake Oil—giving them the win of $135,000


More next week, stay tuned!

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