The Masked Singer Recap for 10/25/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 11/8/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 10/25/2023

-Tonight is Harry Potter night on Fox’s The Masked Singer!

-The judges dressed as Harry Potter characters is amazing….as is the fact that they have sorting hats!

-Tiki: He put the party life on hold to become a dad and has no regrets. He sings Magic by Pilot and not only sounds great, but adds a lot of flair and fun to the performance….what a way to kick off the show!

The sorting hat clue tells us that he is a Gryffindor. It represents him being brave to be front and center on the stages he commands.

Guesses: Dave Grohl, Jon Bon Jovi, Roger Doltry, Robert Plant


-Husky: He was an underdog throughout his life and worked hard to become top dog. However, he still feels insecure sometimes.

He performs Super Freak by Rick James and it proves he is indeed a top dog in this competition. His voice sounds familiar, but I can’t place it for the life of me!

He is a Hufflepuff like me….which also represents his connection to P. Diddy.

Guesses: Tank, Genuwine, Brian McKnight


-Hawk: His best friend died from cancer, causing him to fall into a depression. He finally got help and hopes to inspire people to find sunshine in their own darkness.

He sings Every Little Thing She Does is Magic from The Police. The performance is incredible and has so much power…and again, I have no clue who it could be.

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The sorting hat says that he is a Ravenclaw…..and a good student on TV.

Guesses include Ryan Phillipe, Andrew Garfield, Billie Joe Armstrong


-Sea Queen: She got kicked out of boarding school and has done comedy, writing and singing….and going on tour.

She sings Love Potion # 9 and is adorable. Her voice definitely sounds familiar, but I cannot pair it with the clues. It kind of reminds me of Amy Schumer, but I can’t recall her being a singer….

She is a Slytherin….and always been clever in her career.

Guesses: Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lewis, Erykah Badu


Tiki and Hawk are in the sing-off. One of them will be revealed as a celebrity tonight. The two of them sing Monster by Lady Gaga. It is a close call because they are both so GOOD, but in the end it is the HAWK who is eliminated…..the poor Ravenclaw.


More next week, stay tuned!


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