Lego Masters Recap for 10/5/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 10/5/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 10/5/2023

Tonight’s Lego Masters on Fox is all about the cats….as in….cats are visiting the contestants, with Will Arnett hosting.

Each team must build a palace for their feline friends. The twist? Each cat has his or her own personality trait that must be incorporated into the build….all in ten hours.


Everyone is excited to have this challenge…and want to play with the kitties! There is a mad dash to get their kitty and personality traits.


Paul and Nealita make a fire engine for their cat Stella, who loves fast cars.


Sherlock gets a mystery woods headquarters where he solves his cases, courtesy of Emilee and Kelly.


Karen and Amie make Felix a fort so he can watch insects and butterflies.


The teams are also competing over whose tree build is the best.


Iggy’s treehouse is a party place, thanks to Tim and Tim.


The winner of the challenge will get the Golden Brick.


Will, Amy and Jamie walk around during the build time, giving commentary, offering advice and checking on everyone’s progress.


Sir Fluffington gets an abode of fire and ice from Christopher and Robert….with some tech stuff thrown in.


Sid gets a shed from Luis and Alex…..with a side of competitiveness for the other teams.


Kitty Pants has a laser tag arena, thanks to Neena and Sam. They try to take it too literally and end up falling behind.


Tiger has an art/dance studio from Ben and Poppy.

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Jordan and Chris make Penelope a princess castle with a catwalk.


Aubree and Ryan give Dame Whiskers her own fashion catwalk with dresses and a crown.


Alyson and Melanie make Coco her very own cookie shop…MEOW!!! Will also quips about SAG calling and getting kicked out.


The camera people are distracted by the cats….as is Will.


Before long, it is time for everyone to present their kitty palaces. Will, Amy, Jamie and the cats all give pros and cons of the palaces.


Neena and Sam win the Golden Brick and their second challenge….with Luis and Alex coming in second place.


Jordan and Chris and Karen and Amie are in the bottom two, with Karen and Amie going home.

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