Big Brother Recap for 9/12/19: Tommy or Holly to Jury?

Tonight is another live eviction on CBS’s Big Brother. Either Holly or Tommy will go to jury, while the other has one more chance to make it to the finals. 

Cliff isn’t sure what to do in terms of whom to evict. Tommy finally admits he knew Christie from before the show. As always everyone is throwing everyone under the bus in order to get a chance to make it to the finals. Tommy offers to throw the HOH competition, Cliff betrays Nicole, Michie tattles to Nicole….and he wants blood if Holly goes.

 Michie tries to save Holly by bad mouthing Tommy and trying to get Nicole and Cliff to admit Tommy plans to throw the HOH.  

Eviction time! Tommy and Holly give their speeches to save themselves before we get into the voting.

Nicole and Cliff HOH vote to evict Tommy, sending him to the jury. There are hugs all around as he goes to talk to Julie. He says it all got ugly….but can we discuss that cartwheel? WOW. 

He says he would have remained loyal to Cliff and Nicole had he stayed in the house. He admits to mistakes and his relationship with Christie before saying goodbye. 

HOH competition. They hold onto ropes and face obstacles. The last one standing wins and is guaranteed a place in the finale. We find out who wins on Sunday. Stay tuned. 

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Author: Sammi Turano
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