Lego Masters Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular Recap for 12/18/2023

Lego Masters Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular Recap for 12/18/2023

Lego Masters Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular Recap for 12/18/2023

It’s Lego Masters Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular! Will Arnett, Amy and Jamie are back, along with Dave, Randall, Krystle and Caleb from past seasons.


The celebrities are Nene Leakes, Kelly Osbourne, Marshawn Lynch and Rob Riggle.


The teams are as follows:






The four teams will compete to win money for charity and a trophy.


The challenge is to build holiday trains that will barrel through candy canes. The one to barrel through the most will win and join the top two.


Kelly and Randall’s train’s theme is delivering coal to the naughty children. It will also incorporate Ozzy.


Dave and Marshawn make a Gingerbread Express.


Krystle and Rob add magic to their build.


Nene is playing for Hope for the Future.


Nene and Caleb make an Angel Train which gives gifts to those in need.


Will, Amy and Jamie talk to each team to talk about the charities they chose and their holiday traditions.


Krystle and Rob make a Christmas Express Spectacular Spectacular which will allow Santa’s Helpers to deliver gifts.

Rob is competing for Children’s Mercy Hospital.


As an aside, I had no idea Krystle had a skull tumor. I am glad she is okay!


Marshawn is playing for Fam 1st Family Foundation.


The teams continue to work, most of them worrying about the strength of their builds.

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Before long, it is time for the teams to share their builds. After Will, Amy and Jamie share the pros and cons of each, we find out that Marshawn and Dave are  the first team in the top two.


Candy Cane Count:

Rob and Krystle: 33

Kelly and Randall: 32

Nene and Caleb: 33

Marshawn and Dave: 34


Rob and Krystle are also in the top two due to the esthetic of their build.


Marshawn and Dave are the winning team and get $10,000 for his charity.


The second challenge has the teams build a scene from a Christmas movie. They also have to act out a scene from the movie they invented and pitch it to the judges.


Krystle and Rob make Good Santa and the Battle for Joy.


Nene and Caleb’s build begins with a car driving to the hospital for the birth of a baby, but have to change it once the judges tell them it might not be practical.


Dave and Marshawn make an Ice and Van: Shooting for a Holiday Miracle movie build.


Kelly and Randall’s movie build is called Up to Snow Good.


Nene and Caleb settle on their Holiday Delivery build and take the judges’ advice into consideration.


As always, the judges and Will talk to the teams to see where they stand and discuss how they feel about the holidays. Will is even able to help Caleb and Nene get their build correctly done and show the inside of the car.

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Marshawn jokes around with the guys about winning the build when one of them was in the restroom.


Before long, time is up and it is time to present the builds. Each team also acts out a scene from the movie they invented. The judges give pros and cons of each before declaring a winner.


Rob and Krystle and Kelly and Randall are the top two teams with the winner being….Kelly and Randall!


Kelly wins $10,000 for her charity Every Mother Counts.


More tomorrow, stay tuned!


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