Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 11/6/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 11/6/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 11/6/2023

-The Juicy Box is the restaurant on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s radar tonight. It is in Brooklyn, NY and is losing money because workers focus more on partying than working and don’t take the boss seriously.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay is upset that the place isn’t open in time, but takes a four-hour walk and comes back to order a green juice. However, the juicer it broken and they must make it into a smoothie.

-The restaurant is out of a lot of food, which makes it hard for him to order. He ends up getting wings, jerk chicken tacos and rice. He also adds the snapper when the kitchen says they have it in stock after all.

-As he waits for his food, other tables are getting wrong orders. Everything is out of control and there is fighting in the kitchen.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay is not only upset over the quality of the food, but over the lack of utensils. He talks to Q the manager, who is upset that Chef Gordon Ramsay is not happy with the place.

-He then talks to Jaques, who is Q’s dad and handed him the business. He realizes that things are falling apart since Q took over but doesn’t know what to do.

-Q’s sister Zappy is also questioned, but she seems more into partying than working.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay has a long talk with Q and tries to help him see the error of his ways….before the place closes in 60 days.

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-Chef Gordon Ramsay tries to take over and help with a meal service but it ends up being a disaster for the staff and patrons. He is ready to explode.

-Things only get worse when he discovers that the kitchen is a mess and the fridge is not working properly.

-Q and Zappy get a talking to from Chef Gordon Ramsay, who finally gets through to them and makes them not only work out, but start working the proper hours at the restaurant.

-The rest of the staff gets to work on rebuilding and cleaning up so they can relaunch.

-Before long, everything is redone and has equipment that works.

-Everyone is delighted by the changes, which also includes better food on the menu.

-There is also a picture of Papi, the man who started it all. It reminds everyone of the importance of family.

-Garry Pierre-Pierre, who is a Haitian writer, will be in as a guest to check out the restaurant.

-Things get a bit overwhelming and fall behind….so Chef Gordon Ramsay gets them back in line. They end up giving out free juices to make up for the slow service.

-Q is finally able to get things under control and the service is a success.

-Reuel Vincent comes in and becomes a mentor for Q.

-Two months later, The Juicy Box is still going strong.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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