Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/15/2024

Kids Baking Championship Finale Recap for 2/26/2024

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/15/2024

-Tonight’s Kids Baking Championship has a bake sale theme…and the kids working in teams.

-The teams are determined based on the number the kids choose. They are also assigned two different bake sale treats….which will all need to be individually wrapped. In addition, they will need to make a booth.

-Tasi and Jamie decide on a space theme. Jamie makes cheesecake bites with a blueberry lavender flavor. Tasi makes whoopie (whoopsie) pies and brownies. Her brownies are star shaped with sprinkles mixed in.

-Madison and Leland are together. He makes lemon bars and cupcake cones. She makes cheesecake cups with a lemon strawberry flavor and strawberry hand pies.

-Anaiah and Oscar are a team. He has pecan tassies and cream puffs. She makes mini tarts and cookie sandwiches.

-Lila and Camryn are the next team. Camryn makes ice cream cone cupcakes and pecan tassis. Lila has hand pies and brownies.

-Levi and Elsie are the final team. He has lemon bars and cookie sandwiches. She has mini tarts and whoopie pies.

-Elsie gets overwhelmed and wants to quit. She talks to mommy and Valerie and decides to stay.

-Levi helps Elsie by starting her tarts as a surprise. Duff and Valerie are impressed and give a shoutout to his parents.

-TWIST!!!!!!!!! They need to make loaded cereal treats as a team.

-Camryn burned her tassie filling and has to start over.

-Lila promises that her turtle brownies will have a side of pizazz.

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-Madison forgot to put her pans in the oven and might not finish them in time.

-Lila’s brownies are underdone.

-Leland’s lemon bars break, so he uses cookie cutters to cut them.

-The sweet and salty cereal treats look amazing. Several teams seem to be making them, which is really cool.

-Before long, it is time to present the treats. Duff and Val give the pros and cons of each before announcing the winners.

-Leland and Levi are the top bakers of the night, with Levi being the winner of the night. They are safe. Camryn, Oscar, Tasi, Anaiah and Jamie are all safe.

-Elsie, Madison and Lila are in the bottom three.


Hour Two!

-We are celebrating the youngest bakers ever from season ten.

-Ellora seems to be doing well and healthy, so happy to see that!

-Ben is as cute as ever.

-Lucia looks adorable and still has that humor.

-The throwbacks to the most memorable moments is the best. These kiddos are hilarious.

-Time for the kids to do a redemption bake making the dish that sent them to the bottom two—or home.

-Caroline makes her pina colada cereal. She adjust her ingredients and makes a hit dessert. Her dog in the background, probably hoping for her to drop something.

-Best imposter foods! Riya’s hot dog red velvet cake and peanut caramel baked beans, Summer’s brownie ribs with marzipan mac and cheese and Ellora’s lime cake salmon with strawberry frosting and asparagus cookies.

-Santiago remakes his kebab and corn on the cob with brownies and corn marshmallow crispies.

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-Top three intros: Team Puff Designs for the cream puff challenge, Zebra Cakes for the zebra cake challenge and the planetarium set up for the cosmic cupcake pull apart challenge.

-BFF moments! Nadya and Sarah became close during the season, as did Santiago and Riya.

-Santiago has the best dad tokes.

-Santiago went to Joseph’s birthday! So cute!

-Riya seems to have stayed friends with everyone, as did Summer.

-Lucia remakes her zebra cake, which is gorgeous.

-Top 3 desserts: Sarah’s zebra cake, Ellora’s loaded milkshake and Riya’s kitchen sink dessert.

-Benjamin returns!! He is the youngest baker to ever be on the show…and is now ten years old. He is as cute and as sweet as ever! He is making a three tier cake for his  sister’s cheer team to celebrate them going to nationals.

-Ben shares his top three coolest challenges: kitchen sink desserts, cosmic cupcakes and cookie cereal.

-Ben got his black belt in taekwondo. He demonstrates how to break boards….cookie boards.

-We get a look at the funniest, albeit sassiest moments from the kids.

-Ben needs to narrate my life



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