Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/1/2024

Kids Baking Championship Finale Recap for 2/26/2024

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/1/2024

-Welcome to another season of Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship… edition. The entire season will be based on school! The winner will get $25,000, a feature in Food Network Magazine and the title of Kids Baking Champion. Duff Goodman and Valerie Bertinelli return as judges.

-This week’s theme is picture day, which will feature their own picture, three creative emojis and an assigned flavor.

Tasi is in seventh grade and is from Hawaii. Her flavor is chocolate, which will have peanut butter with chef hat, surfboard and volleyball emojis.

Elsie is from Texas and is in fourth grade. She is the youngest one competing this season. She is making a lemon cake with tennis, cat and smiley face emojis.

Leland is also from Texas and is twelve years old. He is making a coffee flavored cake, which is a challenge since he never had coffee! He has a baseball bat, tortoise and chef hat emojis. He tastes the coffee and doesn’t seem impressed.

Henry is making an orange cake with music note, tree and measuring cup emojis.

Anaiah is another one from Texas and going into sixth grade. Her strawberry cake has a tutu, puzzle piece and an A for her emojis.

Madison is from New York and is making a banana peanut butter cake. Her emojis are a panda, a book and a sun.

-Henry and Madison seem to be falling behind with Madison not having enough batter,

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Andy is making a coconut cake with diplomat cream. His emojis are a track, a volleyball and bunny ears.

-TWIST! They must add mascarpone or ricotta to their cakes.

Jamie is wearing cat ears to represent her love of cats. She is making a raspberry cake with mascarpone filling. Her emojis are a cat, a paintbrush and a book.

Levi loves baking and science. He is making a mango cake with ricotta cream filling. His emojis are a lobster, a palm tree and a surfboard.

-Leland is stressed because he has coffee and a ‘cheese that tastes like soap.’

Camryn makes a cookies and cream cake. Her emojis are a balance beam, track and slime.

Lila is in this to win money to get a cat. She makes a red velvet cake with a dog paw, music note and Texas flag emojis.

Oscar began baking during COVID with his moms, sister and grandma and fell in love. His lime cake features the Golden Gate Bridge, a book and a rainbow for his emojis.

-Several of the cakes are falling apart with icing melting and cakes crumbling.

-Lila is in tears because her cake is a mess, so the kids rally around her and give her hugs.

-Before long, it is time to judge the cakes. Valerie and Duff give the pros and cons of each.

-Tasi wins the challenge! Elsie and Jamie are also in the top three and will be moving to the next round.

-Lila, Leland and Henry are in the bottom three, with Henry leaving. The kids all hug him goodbye as he leaves.

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Hour 2!

Several of the past contestants return for a reunion and to get awards.

-Best Impostorizer Nominees: Haylin from season 9, D’von from season 9, Genevieve from season 11, Bella from season 9–the winner is….Genevieve!!!

-Most Calculated Nominees (for math): Tarek from season 7, Sohan from season 11—the winner is…..Sohan!!!!

-Best Self Motivator: Joseph from season 10, Santiago from season 10, Nash from season 11—the winner is….Santiago!!!!

-Tarek gives Brooke the Biggest Sweetheart award for season seven.

-Best Innovator: Summer from season 10, Riya from season 10, Jason from season 11, Ozan from season 11—the winner is…..Jason!!!!

-Most Improved Baker: Bella from season 9, Graysen from season 8—the winner is Graysen!!!!

-Jason from season 11 honors Naho for Best Tasting Dessert.

-Best Clown: Alissa from season 11, Santiago from season 10, Audra from season 3, Sam from season 8—the winner is….Alissa!!!!

-Most Resilient Baker: Matthew from season 5, Paige from season 6, Genevieve from season 11—the winner is…..ALL OF THEM!!!

-Alex from season 4 wins Best Canadian, thanks to Beverly.

-Most Memorable Team: Nyah and Paige season 6, Jonah and Keaton from season 9, D’Von and Bella from season 9, Genevieve and Naiel from season 11, Jaxon and Madison from season 6–the winner is….Nyah and Paige!!!

-Nyah from season 6 gives Madison the Kindness Award.

-Davis from season 6 is traveling the world, working organic farms and learning the how to cook from each one.

-Ozan from season 11 is collecting Japanese knives.

-Haylin from season 9 is working with farm animals.

-Davis won for coolest hobby.

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-Most Likely to Go Pro: Abby from season 4, Paige from season 6, Alex from season 2, Naiel from season 11—the winner is….Alex!!!!


-More next week, stay tuned!!!

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