Kids Baking Championship Finale Recap for 2/26/2024

Kids Baking Championship Finale Recap for 2/26/2024

Kids Baking Championship Finale Recap for 2/26/2024

-Tonight’s penultimate challenge is for the kids to make tie-dyed donuts with matching ice cream.

-Lila makes her donuts with the color baked in them.

-Levi makes a fried and baked donut….both with a patriotic theme.

-Tasi makes coconut ice cream with ube and raspberry. Her donut has a pumpkin filling and a maple glaze.

-Levi’s baked donuts get stuck to the pan, so he must start over. He then burns his fried donuts, so he is upset and doesn’t know what to do.

-TWIST! They must add a mix in made from scratch.

-Lila’s donuts look amazing….almost too pretty to eat.

-Oscar makes a coconut ice cream with white chocolate, pineapple curd and raspberry….or his version of a pina colada.

-Tasi helps Levi with his creme anglaise, which is so sweet. They spill a bit and make a mess.

-Levi makes vanilla ice cream with strawberry and chocolate chip cookies.

-Oscar’s vanilla fried donut has a strawberry filling. However, he is falling behind and must hurry to catch up. He makes his cookie bar thinner in order for it to bake faster.

-Tasi has a blast mixing all her colors together.

-Levi has issues with his filling curdling.

-Lila looks so cute whisking with both hands. She mixes both flavors into her ice cream and almost falls, but is able to save herself and her ice cream.

-Levi finally gets his lemon curd to work. However, he doesn’t have time to fill the donuts, so he mixes it into the ice cream and just makes a tie dye glaze. It comes out too dark, but he hopes for the best.

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-Oscar’s cookies aren’t cooked through, but it is too late for him to do anything about it.

-Before long, it is time to present the donuts and ice cream. Duff and Valerie give the pros and cons of each one before deliberating.

-Lila wins the challenge, sending her into the finale and the spirit stick.

-Tasi is also in the finale.

-Levi and Oscar are in the bottom two, with Levi going home.



-The final three will have to make a science fair themed cake……as in a volcano cake!

-They must choose from a tropical, polar or forest volcano and bake their cake in five hours.

-Lila has the polar volcano. She isn’t sure what to do, so she puts on her thinking cap to make it work. She decides on a chocolate caramel cake with an ombre design with penguins. There is also a hazelnut flavor added to the top.

-Tasi has the tropical volcano, so she makes a coconut cake with various fruits with a palm tree design.

-Oscar has the forest volcano and makes a lemon cake with lemon curd with pistachio. He uses rice crispy treats to decorate.

-Oscar runs into problems with flecks in his curd. He must strain it to make it work properly.

-Oscar and Tasi pinky promising that her curd tastes like guava is so cute.

-Tasi’s cake falls due to a broken shelf in the fridge, so Oscar rushes to help her, much to her delight. Duff and Val are also thrilled and compliment his kindness.

-Tasi uses modeling chocolate for her volcano and lava chocolate for the lava. Marshmallow fondant finishes the look.

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-Oscar uses rice crispy treats for his terrain.

-TWIST! They need to make sugar flames for the top of their cakes.

-Lila uses liquid sugar in different colors for her flames. However, she has trouble getting the cup in for the smoke, so she must improvise.

-Before long, it is time to present the cakes. Val and Duff give the pros and cons on each before deliberating.


-The hugs she got from Oscar and Tasi made me so happy!

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