Young Sheldon Recap For One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires

Young Sheldon Recap For One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires

Young Sheldon Recap For One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires

Tonight’s season premiere of Young Sheldon opens with Brenda (Melissa Peterman) and George(Lance Barber) getting drunk and talking about their marriages. Brenda suggests shots and George agrees. They continue to drink and share stories when Lynyrd Skynard comes on the radio.


It turns out that they were at the same concert in 1976. After they bond, Brenda asks him to dance. He says no, so she suggests going to her place when George begins to have a heart attack.


Sheldon (Iain Armitage) and Missy(Raegan Revord) are hiding and drinking juice boxes. The two of them do some bonding of their own, which allows Missy to finally talk bout her feelings about being dumped.


Brenda calls Mary (Zoe Perry), who freaks out and goes to get the kids. She freaks out when she sees they are missing and calls MeeMaw (Annie Potts) . She has no idea where the kids are either. She leaves for the hospital, where Brenda fills her in on everything.


Georgie (Montana Jordan) is with Jana (Ava Allan) making out in his store. MeeMaw calls him to tell him about George and that the kids are missing. He says he knows where they are and says he will get them. MeeMaw wants to know why he is at work, but he hangs up before he can give an answer.

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Georgie finds the kids and they rush to the hospital, but not before they all scare each other.


It turns out George did NOT have a heart attack, but has minor angina.  Mary and Brenda are happy about the news and told they can go see him.


Brenda wants to go home, but Mary insists she go see George because she may have saved his life.


MeeMaw tells Missy and Sheldon George is going to be okay. They are thrilled and she tells them to go to sleep. However, they talk about how they regret being mean to George. They end up bickering, so MeeMaw comes in again and tells them to sleep.


Sheldon hums the Star Trek theme song to calm down, even though it annoys Missy.


As Mary drives George home, she admits she is worried. However, he is more distracted by the fact that the same song from the bar is on the radio. He turns it off and claims they need peace and quiet.


Sheldon tries to convince George he needs to be punished, but George wants him to let things go. This goes on until Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby) arrives. Sheldon is told to ‘git’ so he leaves, while Pastor Jeff gives George cards and prays with him.


Sheldon goes to visit MeeMaw to discuss his moral quandary, but ends up annoying her to the point where she slams the door in his face.


Missy apologizes to George, which leads to them cuddling and bonding. She tells him how Marcus was with another girl, which makes George feel guilty about what almost happened with Brenda. He goes to take his pills when Mary comes in to say Brenda is coming over for dinner.

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George talks to Georgie about the heart attack. Georgie hopes he is okay, but George thinks he is worried he will interrupt time with his girlfriend by heaving a heart attack. Georgie admits this is the truth and George is glad he is honest.


Brenda tries to talk to George, but he says he has a lot to drink and doesn’t remember what happened that night. She gets upset and talks away.


Sheldon tries to talk to Dr. Sturgis (Wallace Shawn) about Lord of The Rings and life, but ends up confusing him.


Brenda calls Mary to cancel dinner, claiming to be sick. Georgie comes in and says he worked up an appetite.


George offers to bring something over and talks things over with Brenda. They agree nothing happened, but it felt nice to feel special.


The episode ends with Mary praying, Missy burning her notebook, Sheldon watching Star Trek and Mary wondering what is going on with Missy.


More next week, stay tuned.

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