Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/18/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/18/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/18/2023

We are at the halfway point of Big Brother Reindeer Games on CBS. Six  players remain in this fast-paced game and it is truly anyone’s to win.


Frankie, Britney and Nicole are working together while Taylor Xavier and Josh are in their own alliance. Xavier worries about going to the Santa Showdown again.


The ladies are also planning their own alliance, but Nicole and Taylor worry about letting the men on their teams down.


Derek returns for the Naughty and Nice Challenge. Jill Frost is kidnapped and the players must find clues to figure out whodunit. As they search, they find grey hairs, reindeer mugshots and collars, hoof prints and other such things.


The players each put in their guesses, with Frankie being one to correctly guess first. He is able to choose his partner for the next challenge and also give another pair a penalty. He contemplates what to do since he recalls how Cody made the wrong decision and ultimately got sent home.


He assumes that the losing pair will go to Santa’s Showdown, so he chooses to work with Taylor in order to keep his alliance safe. Taylor herself is upset because she wanted Frankie to lose, so now she has to make sure they win.


Josh and Britney pair together, while Xavier and Nicole team up due to the guys not wanting to work together and risk losing.

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The teams must pack oversized sleighs with blocks that form a puzzle. The winning team will be safe and get to decide who goes into Santa’s Showdown. Frankie also has the power to freeze a team for 45 seconds for the penalty.


Nicole and Xavier end up in the lead, so Frankie uses the penalty on them. Britney and Josh struggle.

Taylor lets Frankie lead them, which ultimately gives them the win. They must now choose one person from each team to compete in the showdown.


They draw ornaments out of a hat to decide who to choose from each team.

The two of them discuss who to choose. Taylor is in two alliances and is torn on what to do. Josh is worried that he may get chosen since Frankie has no loyalty to him.

Frankie wants to put the two guys against reach other.

The two teams talk to Frankie and Taylor to pitch their cases as to why they should be safe.

In the end, Nicole and Josh are chosen. Frankie is upset because he thought he and Taylor agreed to put both guys up. Taylor tells Nicole she knows she can beat Josh. However, Nicole is very unhappy with this turn of events.


The Showdown has them on spinning candy canes. The one who lasts the longest wins. The longer they hold, the more they move and the harder it gets.


The two of them lose grip and fall at the same time, but since Josh fell first, he is eliminated.

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More tomorrow, stay tuned!



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