Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/17/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/17/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/17/2023

It is POV night on CBS’s Big Brother 25! When we last left our houseguests, Jag nominated (anonymously!) Felicia and Blue to be on the block. He plans to stick with this for now.


Cory is happy because if Blue goes, he can go after Jag and Matt next week. Felicia gets wind of this and asks who the target is….and based on Jag’s reactions, she is able to figure out that he might be the invisible HOH.


America tells Blue Jag is the invisible HOH to save her own behind. However, Blue thinks she is lying.


The BB Power of Multiplicity allows eight people to play in the POV comp…..and two people to win! This could lead to both nominees being saved.


Blue talks to Matt to ensure he is on her side and tells him about the America conversation. This makes Matt turn against America and Cory even more. He wants him and Jag to take the couple down. Blue also hopes one of them or Jag win so they can take both her and Felicia down so the couple can be backdoored. Jag is on board once he finds out he was thrown under the bus.


Comp one has everyone on a disc tethered to a rope. The last one standing wins…..Jag ends up winning since everyone fell….and because America threw the comp in hopes of winning brownie points with Jag.

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The second comp has Jag on a hang flying around. Everyone must guess how long he lasts and the one with the closest guess wins….and the two farthest off will get punishments. Jag will also get $500 for every fifteen seconds he lasts. In the end he gets $3500. Blue wins, with Cirie and Felicia getting punishments of quick change superhero suits and solitary confinement for 24 hours, respectively.


Felicia hates her punishment, which isn’t as fun as she imagined. Cirie gets random tasks along with her punishment.


Jag tells Cory Cirie will be the replacement nominee for Blue. However, the real plan is he is also using the POV to backdoor both Cory and America.


Felicia talks to Jag after her solitary confinement is over. He tells her his plan of backdooring the couple.


Jag also apologizes to Blue over the Cory/America debacle and promises her safety. They hug it out…..

More Thursday, stay tuned!

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