Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/15/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/15/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/15/2023

This new week of CBS’s Big Brother 25 opens with Cirie being happy over surviving the block. As she revels in knowing that she is no longer a target, Jag reveals that this week’s HOH will be invisible…as in, no one will know their identity. There is also a crystal that will expose superpowers, which will change as the week progresses.


The HOH will secretly nominate two people and can participate in next week’s HOH, so none will be the wiser.


Cory, Jag and America agree to share with each other if they win….but Jag plans on targeting them if he wins HOH.


Felicia and Cirie think this will be a great week to make a big move since nobody will have blood on their hands.


HOH comp! They will do an obstacle course to grab and arrange comics in a correct order in the shortest amount of time….they will have to fix any mistakes and hope it doesn’t impact their time.


The competition takes way too long and eats into a majority of the show. I will say that the super hero stuff is cool, but it is hard to really follow much.


Finally….finally….the winner is announced as the one who finished in 8 minutes and 30 seconds. No one admits or gives any clue to their win….


Blue tells America that she is worried about her fate. However, America thinks she is being dramatic.

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Cirie and Felicia think Jag, Cory or Matt might have won.


Bowie is also questioning who could have won with Blue and America. They discuss possibilities with Matt, who is also in the dark. Bowie thinks Blue might have won and is lying since she is being so dramatic.


JAG IS THE INVISIBLE HOH!!!! SHHHHH!! (His words, not mine) He ends up spilling to Matt, Cory and America and plans on putting Blue on the block so Cory and America stay loyal, but worries about what his best move will be.


Blue and Felicia are on the block….and neither of them are happy.


More Tuesday, stay tuned!

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