Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 8/12/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise opens where we left off…with the rose ceremony. Everyone is nervous, especially Annalise and Bibiana.

The guys are the ones giving out the roses tonight, which means several of the girls will be going home. 

Derek to Demi

Clay to Nicole

Wills to Katie

Kevin to Sydney

John Paul Jones to Onyeka

Cam to Caelynn

Dylan to Hannah

Blake to Tayshia

Chris to Kristina

This means Jane, Bibiana and Annalise are going home. They are all understandably upset. 

Jordan joins Paradise! He got engaged to Jenna last year, only to break up with her and is hoping that this time things actually work out. 

He seems to think of himself as Mayor of  Paradise and hopes to go out with a hot chick. He talks to several of the girls and then asks Hannah out, but she wants to figure out what is going on with Blake and Dylan. 

He seems to have a bit of an attitude and calls out Blake. He tells him what happened with Hannah and says she and Kristina are confused. It is a weird reaction to getting rejected and to be honest, I tuned out. 

Hannah spends time with Dylan and canoodles with him. People are worried because she is going between him and Blake. 

Jordan goes out on a date with Nicole, who seems excited about another one on one date. She also wants to make Clay jealous and show that she is a hot commodity. Clay actually seems okay with it and says that is the name of the game….but in front of everyone. Privately, he admits he is falling for Nicole. 

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Jordan and Nicole go on an adventure date….which features Jorge and the place where he lost his virginity. All righty then. Jordan and Nicole talk about his split and her date with Clay. They seem to get along and have fun on the date. 

Blake wants to pursue Hannah and the other girls pretty much talk smack about him. 

Mike shows up to Paradise next and has a date card. He takes Caelynn on the date, which upsets Cam. However, he also talks to some of the other girls before deciding that he wants to take Caelynn out. 

Cam keeps whining and mooning over the situation.

Mike and Caelynn make out. 

Wills and Katie talk and she somehow ends up freaking out and crying. He seems confused. she ends up talking him it isn’t going to happen and he says it didn’t go as planned. Chris calms her down and is actually very sweet toward her. They hug and she wonders how he is still single. They seem to be making a connection. 

Blake and Hannah dance on the beach and Dylan is jealous, especially when they kiss. Kristina is pissed because he did the same dance with her. 

Everyone feels bad for Dylan. Cam says he would have punched Blake in the face. 

Dylan does confront Blake and the two guys end up arguing. Hannah kind of just stands there and watches. Dylan asks her what she wants and she doesn’t really have an answer. The guys are having some sort of standoff and Dylan finally stalks off. 

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Everyone is shocked over this and are confused by Hannah’s behavior. They are even more upset when they see her make out with Blake. 

More tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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