The Masked Singer Recap for 9/27/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 11/8/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 9/27/2023

Gazelle: She always wanted to perform and decided to enter a talent show in her teens. Despite crashing and burning, she never gave up on her dreams.

She performs Uninvited by Alanis Morrisette. She has a very sweet, cute voice that gives major nineties vibes, but I can’t quite place who she reminds me of….and it is driving me nuts.

David Spade presents her major clue: Movie Soundtrack. She also acts and sings in movies.

Guesses: Camilla Mendez, Lucy Hale, Vanessa Hudgens.


Diver: People love to hate him and made mistakes in the name of love. People misjudge him all the time.

He sings Any Way You Want It by Journey and is just a ball of fun. There is something so endearing about him and I hope he stays for a long time.

The Men in Black give us his major clue: 11 Million Eyes on Diver on a magazine cover. He says the more people are in his business, the more he wants them out.

Guesses: Adam Levine, Tom Sandoval, Scott Disick


S’more: He traveled the world and joined the show for a new journey.

He sings Slow Hands by Niall Horan. He has a soulful voice and is my favorite of the night. There is something so comforting about him, making his costume even more fitting.

The clue is that he his talented on and off stage.

Guesses: Joey McIntyre, Justin Guarini, Kevin Richardson


Rubber Ducky: He came from humble beginnings and is now a household name.

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He sings Come On Eileen and while not the best singer of the night, has a great presence on stage. He is fun and seems to be having a blast out there.

His clue is a family picture, which represents him coming from a prominent family.

Guesses: Anthony Anderson, Wayans Brothers, David Arquette


Cow: He is a Grammy winner and lives his life in color……and cooking.

He sings Bones by Imagine Dragons and is quite entertaining and talented. There is something about him that is so familiar, but again, I cannot quite place him.

The clue is Blockbuster Movie.

Guesses: Sean Stockman, Leslie Odom Jr, Usher.


Time to unmask…….Rubber Ducky!!!

Final Guesses: Anthony Anderson, Jaleel White, Sean Wayans, David Arquette.




More next week, stay tuned!!

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