Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/14/2022: Who Won HOH?

Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/14/2022: Who Won HOH?

Big Brother 24 Recap for 8/14/2022: Who Won HOH?

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother 24 opens with the HOH comp.


Michael thinks his reign was a success. Brittany wants a Leftover to win the comp so they can target Terrance, Alyssa, Indy or Jasmine.


Jasmine drops first, which Turner uses as an excuse to make fun of her.


Taylor tries to encourage Terrance, but he tells her to shut up.


We get a flashback to Alyssa and Kyle talking about how Daniel tried to break up their showmance.


The people on the wall get hit with Fake News newspapers. Brittany is the next one to fall.


Apparently, Joseph is in a new alliance called the Five Swatters with Terrance, Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine, but says his heart is with the Leftovers. He lets them know about the new alliance.


Terrance falls next.


The remaining houseguests are hit with slime. Monte falls next, followed by Alyssa.


Everyone is hit with hair and more slime. Indy falls next.

Four Leftovers are on the wall. Turner falls, saying he doesn’t want another HOH so soon. Joseph falls soon after.


Kyle falls next, giving Taylor the HOH win. Jasmine is not happy and wishes they would have gotten rid of Taylor while they had the chance.


Taylor and Brittany are thrilled with this turn of events.


Michael informs Brittany that Joseph and Kyle are playing both sides.

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Taylor decides to not put Jasmine on the block. Monte suggests she put up Indy, but their plans are interrupted by Terrance coming into the room. He and Taylor talk, but at this point, he seems to be her target. She also wants Turner on the block, with Monte as a possible backdoor. They are not happy with this plan.


There are hints of a showmance with Taylor and Joseph….or at least some crushing going on.


Taylor is not considering using Indy as a pawn after all. She previously promised her safety, but she also has to think of her own game and alliance. She also promised other members of her alliance safety, so she isn’t sure what to do.


Joseph tries to change the sheets on his bed, but didn’t dry them enough, so he has to sleep on wet sheets so he won’t wake Indy.


Taylor tries to figure out what to do. Turner wants Jasmine on the block, but she won’t do that due to personal reasons. Monte just wants them all in the final seven, so thinks Taylor should do what she needs to make it happen.


Nomination time! Indy and Terrance are on the block, but Taylor says she is really going after a larger target.


More Wednesday, stay tuned.

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