Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/12/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/12/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 10/12/2023

Big Brother 25 on CBS opens with the announcement that Felicia is off the block and Cameron is backdoored. Either him or Cirie will be evicted tonight and be the first member of the jury. Felicia is thrilled to finally get rid of Cameron.


Cameron, for his part, calls Bowie out on her betrayal, which she is proud of. Jag is also thrilled with this turn of events.


Knowing he is at risk, Cameron campaigns to stay in the house. He tells Blue that Jag and Matt are not as loyal as she thinks, but she thinks he is a liar. He tries to tell Cory the same thing, but Cory doesn’t believe him either.

Frustrated, Cameron says that they will be joining him in the jury, along with America.


Matt breaks down to Jag when he has trouble communicating with his fellow houseguests due to being deaf. Everyone is whispering, which makes it hard for him to understand what is being said. He also talks to Felicia, who tells him everyone should be proud of him since he is breaking down a lot of doors by being on the show.


Cameron wants to meet Kevin Costner since he saw him in a dream….they all talk about the star, with Felicia wanting to be in The Bodyguard 2.


Cory and Jag agree that Blue should leave next, but in reality, Cory thinks she can be an asset to their game.

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Cirie and Cameron work on a plan to bring down Matt and Jag. She is the only one on his side at this point.


Cirie tells Blue she isn’t playing personally anymore, which upsets her.


Matt and Jag want Bowie, Cirie and Felicia in their final five. Cirie decides to go along with this.


Cory tells Cirie he and America want to get rid of Matt and Jag. She loves this because she is in the middle of the drama without doing anything.


Eviction time! After Cirie and Cameron give their final speeches before Cameron is evicted again!


Cameron heads to the jury while everyone else preps for the next HOH comp. Stay tuned!

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