The Amazing Race Recap for 10/18/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 10/18/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 10/18/2023

The Amazing Race on CBS picks up where we left off last week, where our remaining teams continue the race after a fake out pit stop.

The teams head to a café to get their next clue. Steve and Anna Leigh are in the lead, followed by Joel and Garrett and Robert and Corey. Once they arrive, they find out they have a Detour. They can either pick up fish from a distributor and set up a Stand or Deliver four mattresses 300 yards to a hotel.


Joel and Garrett, Robert and Corey and Todd and Ashlie choose Deliver. Robert and Corey get lost, which allows Todd and Ashlie to pull ahead. However, the three teams end up working together in order to find the hotel.


Steve and Anna Leigh do the fish stand Detour, which they fail in their first go-round.


The other teams race to get to the café for the clue. Liam and Yeremi are bringing up the rear and hope they can catch up and avoid elimination.


Steve and Anna Leigh finally finish the Detour and head to Ong Pagoda for their next clue, where they must write down one wish. As they head over, Joe and Ian start the Deliver Detour, while Greg and John and Andrea and Malania work on the Stand Detour.


Greg and John wonder if they should switch Detours since they are frustrated with the fish. John and Ian deliver two mattresses at a time.

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Before long, Jocelyn and Victor join the Stand Detour, while Liam and Yeremi work on the Deliver Detour. At this point, everyone is frustrated with their respective Detours due to their struggles.


Steve and Anna Leigh complete their task at Ong Pagoda and head to Hung King Temple, while Joel and Garrett head to Ong Pagoda. Robert and Corey and Todd and Ashlie are hot on their heels, while Joe and Ian and Liam and Yeremi work on delivering the mattresses.


Morgan and Lena and Robbin and Chelsea quickly catch up upon finishing their Detours.


Once the the teams arrive at Hung King Temple, they must complete a Roadblock, where they have to match tiles to a photo and then head to the Pit Stop.

The teams all seem to struggle with the Roadblock. Chelsea and Anna Leigh get into it a bit when Anna Leigh wants to work together and Chelsea shoots her down.


One by one, the teams complete the roadblock….until one is eliminated.


Pit Stop!

  1. Robbin and Chelsea—win a trip to Spain!
  2. Steve and Anna Leigh
  3. Todd and Ashlie
  4. Joe and Ian
  5. Robert and Corey
  6. Liam and Yeremi
  7. Andrea and Malania
  8. Greg and John
  9. Joel and Garrett
  10. Morgan and Lena
  11. Jocelyn and Victor—Eliminated


More next week, stay tuned!




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