MeTV Announces Holiday Schedule

MeTV Announces Holiday Schedule

MeTV, America’s #1 classic television network, embraces the warmth of holiday nostalgia with its annual ‘A Very Merry MeTV’ programming celebration of heartwarming Thanksgiving and holiday-themed episodes from beloved yesteryear TV shows, along with TV movies, animated treasures, holiday specials and more! With an extensive lineup of over 100 programs for the entire family to relish, the festive journey kicks off Sunday, November 19 @ 12:00 PM ET/PT and the merriment will keep going through Christmas Day.

The 2023 MeTV full holiday season slate is below.


“A Very Merry MeTV” on The MeTV Network

All Times ET/PT


Sunday, November 19

12:00pm- The Brady Bunch, “The Un-Underground Movie”

2:00pm – The Beverly Hillbillies, “Turkey Day”

2:30pm – The Beverly Hillbillies, “The Thanksgiving Spirit”

3:30pm – Gilligan’s Island, “Little Island, Big Gun”

4:00pm – Mama’s Family, “An Ill Wind”

5:00pm – The Love Boat, “Best of Friends/Too Many Dads/Love Will Find a Way”

6:00pm – “A Boy Named Charlie Brown”

8:00pm – All In the Family, “Archie and the Miracle”

8:30pm – All In the Family, “The Little Atheist”

Tuesday, November 21

12:00pm – The Waltons, “The Waiting”


Wednesday, November 22

12:00 pm – The Waltons, “The Thanksgiving Story (Part 1)”


Thursday, November 23

6:30am – My Three Sons, “Chip’s Harvest”

12:00pm – The Waltons, “The Thanksgiving Story (Part 2)”

7:30pm – M*A*S*H, “Yalu Brick Road”

9:00pm – The Beverly Hillbillies, “Elly’s First Date”

Sunday, November 26

6:00pm – “Snoopy Come Home”

Saturday, December 2

11:00am – Wagon Train, “The St Nicholas Story”

12:00pm – The Big Valley, “Judgment in Heaven”

1:00pm – Gunsmoke, “PS Murry Christmas”

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2:00pm – Bonanza, “A Christmas Story”

3:00pm – Rawhide, “Twenty-Five Santa Clauses”

4:00pm – Have Gun-Will Travel, “Be Not Forgetful”

4:30pm – Wanted Dead or Alive, “Eight Cent Reward”

1:00am- Lost in Space, “Return from Outer Space”

2:00am- Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, “Long Live the King”

3:00am- Land of the Giants, Night of the Thrombeldinbar”

Sunday, December 3

1:00pm – The Lucy Show, “Together for Christmas”

1:30pm – Leave It to Beaver, “The Haircut”

2:00pm – Family Affair, “Christmas Came a Little Early”

2:30pm – Beverly Hillbillies, “Christmas at the Clampetts”

3:00pm – Beverly Hillbillies, “The Christmas Present”

3:30pm – Petticoat Junction, “Cannonball Christmas”

4:00pm – Petticoat Junction, “Santa Claus Special”

4:30pm – Green Acres, “An Old Fashioned Christmas”

5:00pm – The Love Boat, “The Christmas Presence”

Friday, December 8

6:00pm – M*A*S*H – “Dear Dad”

6:30pm – M*A*S*H – “Dear Sis”

8:00pm – The Andy Griffith Show, “Christmas Story”

Sunday, December 10

1:00pm – The Brady Bunch, “The Voice of Christmas”

1:30pm – Full House, “Our Very First Christmas Show”

2:00pm – Full House, “A Very Tanner Christmas”

2:30pm – Full House, “Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

3:00pm – The Waltons, “The Children’s Carol (Part 1)”

4:00pm – The Waltons, “The Children’s Carol (Part 2)”

6:00pm – A Very Brady Christmas

8:00pm – All In the Family, “Christmas Day at the Bunkers”

8:30pm – Good Times, “Penny’s Christmas”

9:00pm – Good Times, “Traveling Christmas”

9:30pm – Sanford and Son, “Ebenezer Sanford”

11:00pm – The Dick Van Dyke Show, “The Alan Brady Show Presents”

Wednesday, December 13

12:30am – The Twilight Zone, “Night of the Meek”

1:00am – Alfred Hitchcock Presents, “The Festive Season”

Sunday, December 17

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1:00pm – Happy Days, “Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas”

1:30pm – Happy Days, “Christmas Time”

2:00pm – Happy Days, “White Christmas”

2:30pm – Happy Days, “All I Want for Christmas”

3:00pm – Laverne & Shirley, “Christmas Eve at the Booby Hatch”

3:30pm – Laverne & Shirley, “O Come All Ye Bums”

4:00pm – Mama’s Family, “Santa Mama”

4:30pm – Mama’s Family, “Mama Gets Goosed”

5:00pm – The Love Boat, “Santa Santa Santa / Another Dog Christmas / Noel’s Christmas Carol

8:00pm – All In the Family, “Edith’s Christmas Story”

8:30pm – All In the Family, “The Draft Dodger”

9:00pm – All In the Family, “Edith’s Crisis of Faith (Part 1)”

9:30pm – All In the Family, “Edith’s Crisis of Faith (Part 2)”

Tuesday, December 19

1:30pm – Gunsmoke, “Magnus”

2:00pm – Bonanza, “Gabrielle”

Wednesday, December 20

10:00am – Matlock, “The Gift”

11:00am – In The Heat of the Night, “My Name is Hank”

Thursday, December 21

10:00am – Matlock, “Santa Claus”

9:00pm – Beverly Hillbillies, “Home for Christmas”

Friday, December 22

5:00pm – Adam 12, “Log 122: Christmas: The Yellow Dump Truck”

9:00pm – Beverly Hillbillies, “No PLace Like Home”

Saturday, December 23

6:00am – Beverly Hillbillies, “The Week Before Christmas”

6:30pm – Beverly Hillbillies, “Christmas in Hooterville”

Sunday, December 24

9:00am – Saved By the Bell, “Home for Christmas Pt 1”

9:30am – Saved By the Bell, “Home for Christmas Pt 2”

10:00am – The Flintstones, “Christmas Flintstone”

12:00pm – A Boy Named Charlie Brown

2:00pm – Snoopy Come Home

5:00pm – Love Boat, Lonely at the Top / Silent Night / Divorce Me, Please

6:00pm – The Andy Griffith Show, “Christmas Story”

7:00pm – M*A*S*H, “Death Takes a Holiday”

7:30pm – M*A*S*H, “Twas the Day After Christmas”

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8:00pm – All In the Family, “The Bunkers Go West”

8:30pm – All In the Family, “California, Here We Come (Part 1)”

9:00pm – All In the Family, “California, Here We Come (Part 2)”

10:30pm – Carol Burnette and Friends, “Mrs. Wiggins / Harry’s Mirage and Grill”

12:00am – The Honeymooners, “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

12:30pm – The Twilight Zone, “Five Characters in Sears of an Exit”

1:00am – Best of the Ed Sullivan Show, “Holiday Greetings from the Ed Sullivan Show”

5:00am – Highway Patrol, “Christmas Story”

Monday, December 25

6:00am – Dragnet, “The Christmas Story”

8:00am – Leave It to Beaver, “The Haircut”

10:00am – Matlock, “The Scrooge”

11:00am – In The Heat of the Night, “Blessings”

5:00pm – Adam-12, “Log 96: Pilgrimage”

5:30pm – Adam-12, “Christmas”

9:00pm – The Beverly Hillbillies, “Christmas at the Clampetts”

9:30pm – Green Acres, “An Old-Fashioned Christmas”

10:00pm – Hogan’s Heroes, “Prisoner’s Prisoner”

11:00pm – Carol Burnett and Friends, “Nobody Does It Like Me”

12:35am – Twilight Zone, “Changing of the Guard”

1:05am – Alfred Hitchcock Presents, “Back for Christmas”

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