Snake Oil Recap for 10/11/2023

Snake Oil Recap for 10/11/2023

Snake Oil Recap for 10/11/2023


-Jorge and Susan are this week’s contestants on Snake Oil. They are paired with Jay Pharoah and Bethenny Frankel, respectively.

-The first product is Al Dente, which is a floating timer that guarantees perfectly cooked pasta every time…all while playing music.

-Doggily Ever After is a doggie wedding service.

-Susan and Bethenny grill the inventors before investing $6,500 in Al Dente. Jorge and Jay have the chance to poach Doggily Ever After.

-Al Dente is REAL!

-Jorge and Jay did not poach.

-My Heart is Yours is a necklace that contains the heart of a rat.

-Ash and Sketch allows people to make sketches with loved ones ashes in an Etch a Sketch.

-Both inventors are questioned before investing $10,000 into Ash and Sketch. Susan and Bethenny have the chance to poach My Heart is Yours.


-Susan and Bethenny did not poach.

-Tap that Ass is a horse beer keg.

-Grocery vest helps you carry 200 lbs of groceries in one trip.

-The guys invest in Grocery Vest for $35.000.

-Kuma Comfort is a teddy bear body pillow….that hugs you back and has a heartbeat.

-Rodeo Core is an adult horsie ride toy that doubles as a core workout.

-Susan and Bethenny think Rodeo Core is real and invest $50,000.

-Grocery Vest is REAL! The guys now have $75,000.

-Rodeo Core is REAL and the ladies have $106,500…..and will go to the Snake Pit.

-Snake Pit time! The ladies are presented with five products that they must decide are real or fake.

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-Susan thinks the Shower Lounger and is snake oil.

-Bike Pretty–REAL!

-Baby Synthesizer–REAL!

-Chilly Toothpaste–REAL!

-Shower Lounger–SNAKE OIL!

-Pan Buddy–REAL!

-THE LADIES WIN a total of $206,500!!!

-More next week, stay tuned!!!

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