The Real Housewives of Potomac Snark and Highlights for 2/5/2023

The Real Housewives of Potomac Snark and Highlights for 2/5/2023

The Real Housewives of Potomac Snark and Highlights for 2/5/2023

  • I cannot BELIEVE we are at the finale already.


  • Dean not wanting to put on his shirt and fighting Ashley is something I think every mom can relate to…but the mommy/son date is adorable.


  • Mimi realizing Dean is sensing what is going on with the divorce is very insightful…..and I hope Ashley takes that to heart and helps him and Dylan.


  • Candiace and her sister look so much alike….and seem to have a good relationship. Can we get her on next season?


  • Why does Mia seem so gleeful telling Karen about the other women talking smack on her?


  • I agree….drapes on the floor are not a good idea. It looks sloppy and fur babies can definitely get tangled up in them.


  • How can Robyn be so casual telling her parents about her wedding and not even invite them? It is so cruel and rude. I get them wanting to be just them, but it’s so mean.


  • I hope Mia gets conclusive answers for her health issues soon. I know all too well what it feels like to not have answers.


  • The dessert shop where Gizelle took her kids looks so amazing and I need to go.


  • I have to say, Gizelle’s kids are very sweet and well behaved. It is nice that she is able to talk to them like adults and still be a parent to them.
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  • I truly hope Gizelle is okay after her surgery.


  • Candiace’s party is going to be a disaster…..and I feel so bad because this is a big moment for her.


  • The outfits at this event look lovely, but nobody looks like they are going to the same place.


  • WENDY! Where have you been all episode, girl?


  • I am so proud of Candiace and love seeing her success come to fruition.


  • Of course, Mia has to stir up drama with Karen at this important event. Gizelle is not helping by adding to the conversation.


  • Karen has every right to decide she does not want to address these rumors.


  • Robyn showing up to the party dressed in white to represent being a bride is….a choice.


  • Karen being like ‘she doesn’t even go here!’ is such a mood.


  • At least the ladies acknowledged that this night is about Candiace and congratulated her.


  • ‘Chris not staring at Deborah’ sent me……….


  • Chris’s rant is justified in some ways, but this was not the time or place for it.



Ashley and the kids moved into their new home in October. she also dated Luke from Winter House, but they have since broken up.

Candiace has taken Deep Space Deluxe on tour. She can spend more time with Chris, who is no longer working at the hotel.

Karen expanded her Evening with Grande Dame tour to five more cities. Ray is still her biggest fan.

Gizelle recovered from her hysterectomy and is dating….including a younger Bravolebrity.

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Wendy is kickboxing and drinking a gallon of water a day.

Mia’s health is stable, but her finances are another story. She and the family moved out of their home.

Robyn and Juan are married, without a prenuptial agreement.


THEY SHOWED THE WEDDING! I am fairly new to this franchise, so I am not familiar with their story, but it seems sweet. It looks like she had her family after all.

I am not a fan of the dress, but the headpiece is gorgeous.




The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion will begin February 17th.

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