The Real Housewives of Orange County Snark and Highlights for 8/8/2023

The Real Housewives of Orange County Snark and Highlights for 8/8/2023

The Real Housewives of Orange County Snark and Highlights for 8/8/2023

-A party where people come dressed as each other has disaster written all over it.

-A pet themed episode on the other hand…..that I can get behind.

-I completely understand Tamra wanting space from Eddie. I would go nuts too.

-I love Heather’s pink and black patterned outfit.

-Gina and Heather are talking about Shannon’s relationship….but Heather doesn’t want to share what she knows. I actually commend her for this. Most franchises spill stuff like there is no tomorrow.

-Jen is really questioning things with Ryan and it makes me wonder if he is really the right guy for her in the long run.

-It has got to really suck for Will (Jen’s ex husband) if he loses his job at her family business because they got divorced. If I recall correctly, Jen ended the marriage and they have kids together, so it would be a really crappy thing to do.

-Heather is totally being thrown under the bus by Tamra about this whole Shannon thing. Even though Heather is not saying much that we saw.

-Shannon explaining what pantyhose are to her daughter made me feel very old. As an aside, I still wear pantyhose or stockings with a dress or skirt because my legs are ugly and they make them at least look halfway decent.

-Vicki making a list of qualities she wants in a man is actually kind of cute. She got what she wanted, so yay for her!

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-Jen is dressed as Taylor, Gina is dressed as Emily, Emily is dressed as Shannon, Heather is dressed as Jen, Taylor is dressed as Tamra, Shannon is dressed as Gina and Tamra is dressed as Heather. The best part is Jen having the Smudge the Cat from the meme of Taylor.

-Vicki arrives as herself. Kind of sad, couldn’t they get another friend to come so Vicki wouldn’t be left out?

-Keg stands are still a thing? I never did one, but they seem too frat party for my liking….I can’t imagine Housewives doing them.

-Emily, just because you shared things about your relationship with Shannon doesn’t mean she has to share her problems with you, especially if she doesn’t want them on TV.

-The sex position re-enactments remind me of the party Siggy had for Dolores on season seven of RHONJ and they acted out Teresa’s prison story.

-This is some weird ass party. It reminds me of a sleepover with the dares and gossip. Do grown women really act like this? I would never do anything like this with my friends.

-Shannon and Heather are being surprisingly mature about the whole Relationship-gate thing. The other women on the other hand….

-Of course Shannon is concerned about the gossip because it is HURTING HER RELATIONSHIP! Heather, I was on your side until you made that comment, come on, son!

-Tamra is stirring the pot again because of course she is.

-Oh, Heather is calling everyone out for doing what she is being accused of….even though she did it as well, it is right for everyone to share the blame.

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-Shannon is coming at everyone with both barrels and it makes me sad that she is being ambushed. I don’t blame her for leaving.

-Wait, so Heather was lying? I am so confused right now.

-There is a difference between venting about your man and talking about bad things in a relationship.

-Vicki just wanting to get sloshed instead of dealing with the drama is such a mood.

-Can’t they let things go and if necessary pick it up another day because they are only making Shannon more upset.

-I know nothing about the relationship between Shannon and John, but it is obvious she vents sometimes when they argue, which is being interpreted to be something more.

-The women talk in circles about this same issue.

-Until next week….stay tuned.

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