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The Real Housewives of Orange County Highlights and Snark for 12/22/2021

The Real Housewives of Orange County Highlights and Snark for 12/22/2021

  • I got pregnant twice drinking this…..not really the best way to sell a drink.
  • I completely forgot about the disastrous dinner party already….didn’t it happen two weeks ago? I am surprised it is being brought up again.
  • There’s tears on my tits. They will dry….Weirdest, yet funniest exchange ever.
  • My heart breaks for Noella. Seeing her cry like that makes me just want to hug her and help her in any way I can.
  • That was really sleazy of Noella’s husband. Not only did he blindside her with the divorce, but by cutting off her credit cards and access to money by filing in Puerto Rico? So gross of him….Sweet James, my ass.
  • The acupuncture looks painful AF. However, the doctor discussing how her liver is angry is quite interesting.
  • I think I am the only person who cannot do those mirror selfies that show off your outfit. That being said, Heather looks cute, but the skirt looks soooo uncomfortable.
  • Why is Nicole telling Heather what Noella said when she knows she was upset and probably didn’t mean what she said? Just don’t say anything!
  • There is a such thing as putting filler in your earlobes? REALLY?
  • Can anyone ever have an event without an argument or making things about themselves?
  • Heather’s threat to Shannon sounded like a mob threat.

More next week, stay tuned!


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