The Bachelor Recap for 2/18/19

We are now on the seventh episode of ABC’s The Bachelor. Tonight, Colton Underwood will go on more dates, hand out more roses and break more hearts. These dates are different because they will determine the top four and who will get hometown dates.

We open with Colton still thinking about how Katie, Sydney and Demi all said there are girls there who aren’t ready for this. Needless to say, he isn’t happy and even a bit scared. He isn’t even sure what he should do at this point.

Everyone is in Denver this week and now we hear the girls talk about what the other girls have said about some not being ready. They are also wondering about what it will be like to bring him home to their parents.

Colton meets with Ben Higgins who says this is nothing compared to what is to come next. Colton tells Ben about what the girls have said and how he is worried about who is truly ready. Ben says to talk to them each privately and see what happens. He also tells him to not be scared.

The girls greet Colton and I think they are more excited about his dog. He tells them the dates begin now and whisks Tayisha off. The other girls are very jealous. Again, do they not know how the show works?

Anyway, Tayshia says she knows there is some truth to what Katie said and plans to tell Colton what she knows.

The two of them enjoy wine and food tasting around the town…with his dog. It’s actually kind of sweet. When they sit down, they discuss the whole debacle with the other girls. She says the girls were referring to Caelynn and Cassie were the ones who not only weren’t ready to be engaged, but the ones who were talking about being the Bachelorette and the opportunities they will get from being on the show. Colton says knowing this is scary and that if this is true, it will be his greatest fear come to life. He has no idea what to do now…except question the girls.

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They spend more time talking and exploring and he gives her a rose.

At the hotel, Caelynn and Cassie discuss what was said as well and wonder what Tayshia is telling Colton.

Caelynn gets the second one on one and everyone is acting like someone stole their favorite doll. Sweet Justice, do ANY of you know how this show works? My sister has more mature girls in her preschool class.

Back to the date. They go snowboarding and then he confronts her about what he was told by Tayshia. She is not happy about this and denies all the accusations. Colton doesn’t know what to believe and Caelynn says Tayshia is the one who is lying. She has no idea where these lies came from and plans to call Tayshia out especially if she doesn’t get a rose.

The rest of the date is very awkward, but at least she gets a rose? They also get to see a concert together.

Caelynn tells Cassie about what Tayshia said and now Cassie is pissed. Caelynn confronts Tayshia, who says that she and Cassie were being defensive. The two begin to fight and I feel like I entered high school again.

Hannah B gets the third one on one. They go on a drive and meet his family. She talks to his mom, he talks to his dad and they both basically say the other is wonderful. Colton also tells his dad about all the drama and his dad basically tells him ‘I told you so.’ Not so much because of the drama, but he knew how hard this would be for him.

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Now Hannah is dressed like a princess for dinner. Colton is still questioning everything. They talk a bit and he decides he is still not feeling it and sends her home. She is crushed and cries in the limo.

Cassie, Kirpa, Hannah G and Heather get the four on one date. They are on one of those trains that let you explore and it actually looks pretty cool. Once they are off, he talks to them about being confident on where they are and REALLY? AGAIN? At least he isn’t questioning it them in a room with a spotlight and billy club, but come on! Let them enjoy the day!

Heather decides she isn’t ready for him to meet her parents and peaces out of there. Considering he is her first kiss and all, I can’t say I blame her. It was obvious she was in the friend zone anyway, especially when he just waved goodbye and didn’t even seem that surprised or upset.

The girls are still talking about these rumors! I tune out and pour wine….I’m SO done.

Colton also confronts the girls one by one and ARGHHH!!! ENOUGH!!!

More fighting and I’m ready to just bang my head on my desk until I forget this episode. Sweet Baby Justice!!!

He then has dinner with the girls and takes Hannah into a private room to…give her a rose. WTF? So weird! He then sends her back to the other girls. She fills them in on the Cassie/Kirpa fight and wonders what will happen next.

He still has to decide between Cassie and Kirpa. However, before we can get to that, Caelynn goes to see him to give him all the facts. Unless it’s about how she beat Shaq, I don’t care. Well, we don’t see it anyway, so it doesn’t even matter at this point, nor was there a reason to even show it.

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Caelynn leaves, Colton returns and says he has a tough decision to make. He gives Cassie a rose and sends Kirpa home.

Hometowns next week! Stay tuned!

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