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The Bachelorette Recap for 7/10/2023THE BACHELORETTE - Ò2003Ó - ItÕs time to leave the mansion behind! This high-stakes week on the road includes two make-or-break one-on-one dates and a group date inspired by Greta GerwigÕs upcoming film, ÒBarbie.Ó MONDAY, JULY 10 (9:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) CHARITY LAWSON, WARWICK

The Bachelorette Recap for 7/10/2023

-Sean doesn’t want drama, but the way he is going about making it known is not the best.

-Charity apologizes for leaving the BBQ early.

-Everyone is heading to Oceanside, California!

-Brayden gets the first one on one date of the night. The rest of the guys are on the road to Oceanside.

-The date has them on a helicopter drinking champagne and getting a view of the city.

-The two of them are in Petco Park for a romantic date playing baseball and wearing their very own Padres jerseys.

-Brayden thinks this experience might be too much for him, which upsets Charity.

-Everyone except Warwick is on this date, which means that he has the one on one. The clue is Ken you feel the love tonight.

-The guys think Warwick is too quiet and don’t understand how he got the one on one.

-Brayden finally opens up and says he got cheated on, which is why he is so guarded.

-Brayden gets a rose and a kiss.

-Jordan and JoJo host the group date which is Barbie themed.

-Everyone dresses as Ken dolls and do a performance (singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with their own lyrics) for Charity. It is annoying and really kind of stupid. I honestly don’t get this Barbie craze.

-Sean wins and gets special time with Charity while the other guys go to the after party.

-The other guys are not happy with this turn of events.

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-So the one-on-one time was hardly anything. This episode is getting on my nerves.

-Sean continues to get time with Charity and annoys the other guys.

-Sean is now public enemy #1.

-Charity gets time with the other guys and gives the rose to Dotun.

-The guys are still ragging on Warwick for being quiet and it is pissing me off. There is nothing wrong with being quiet. I am seriously angry over this because I was the quiet one growing up and this is how I was treated.

-The date is a limo ride to Belmont Park, where they enjoy what the park has to offer.

-The two of them seem to have fun, but there is no chemistry.

-She’s mad she had to scoop her own ice cream. I mean, I get it, but I also prefer to scoop my own so I can have the amount I want. I think he also assumed it was a make your own sundae deal and let her make her own.

-Warwick seems so nervous, but it is also kind of sweet.

-He seems inexperienced, but she is also kind of impatient.

-He does not get a rose.

-On the way home, he agrees it wasn’t going to work and falls asleep. Such a mood!

-Brayden is making himself look bad by just going on about not being ready to be engaged. Why is he even on this show?

-The night was going so well, but then Aaron B had to tattle on Brayden.

-Brayden is getting more arrogant by the minute for someone who claims he doesn’t want to be there.

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-Brayden makes some good points but comes across so poorly as he expresses them.

-Aaron B should not have brought up to Brayden that he tattled on him.

-Charity, either take away his rose or move it along. He is obviously talking out of both sides of his mouth, despite my earlier point of him making some valid points.

-Brayden is back to being public enemy #1.


Rose Ceremony:

-Brayden gets to keep his rose and Dotun also has one.

-Aaron B–the one who tattled.

-Caleb–the last Caleb/Kaleb standing.

-Xavier–Future doctor.

-Joey–No idea, but he is cute.


-Sean–Barbie date winner.

-Apparently, John also got one, but I missed his rose because I was probably still trying to figure out who Michael was and if he just showed up for the rose ceremony. John was a sweetie, so glad he is there.


Final Rose Tonight:

-Tanner–Did he just show up for the rose ceremony too?



-Aaron S–Other Aaron.

-James–Cutie with the first night gift from mom.

-Adrian–The dude who fought with Brayden last week.


-More next week, stay tuned.

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