The Bachelorette Recap for 8/7/2023

The Bachelorette Recap for 8/7/2023

THE BACHELORETTE - Ò2007Ó - Love is in the air when Charity and her final three men travel to Fiji. With some startling confessions revealed, not everyone may make it to the overnight portion of their dates. Plus, an unforeseen visitor crashes the trip. MONDAY, AUG. 7 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) CHARITY LAWSON, DOTUN

The Bachelorette Recap for 8/7/2023

-It is Fantasy Suite week on The Bachelorette! Joey, Xavier and Dotun are in Fiji with Charity in hopes of getting to meet her family next week and winning her heart for good.

-Charity has a heart to heart with Jesse before going on her dates.

-Xavier gets the first date, which has them on a private island learning about the Fiji culture. It is actually really interesting, I wish the show got into more detail about it. Having Xavier talk about his insecurities during the scene was really annoying. I wish they would have waited until afterwards instead of doing confessional, date, confessional, date!

-The date itself is a bit awkward because Xavier compares her to a delicate flower he doesn’t want to crush. Charity has no clue what this means.

-Aaron B is returning to win back Charity because of course he is…..THIS NEVER WORKS, A-A-RON!

-Xavier and Charity have their dinner together and discuss their future. He admits he wasn’t faithful in one of his relationships. GASP. I did not see that one coming. Charity is upset and excuses herself.

-Xavier admits cheating was wrong and explains why he did it and how he wanted stuff from his ex that she could not deliver. He admits he learned from his mistake and he questions himself on how he would act when he is with his boys. I get it, but dude is definitely not ready for marriage. She wonders if he can cheat again, but he says that if she is his wife he would never cheat.

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-Okay, none of this is making sense. He cheated….okay. He learned from it….got it. He just can’t trust himself to not make mistakes again? Or if he is engaged or married that will prevent him from cheating? I am so confused.

-Are they just giving Charity wine so she can get sloshed to deal with this?

-Charity is questioning if she wants to go to the Fantasy Suites with Xavier. As much as I get her being mad, how is her being with other men any different? Because he knows it is a TV show and he is competing for her so it is technically not cheating?

-Wait, he needs to go to the Fantasy Suite to see if he won’t cheat? WHAT? I get Charity being mad now….he says he has changed but seems to not be able to show it…oh Xavier….what are you DOING?

-Basically, it seems like he is not ready to settle down. Which is fine, but why is he on the show?

-No Fantasy Suite for Xavier and he is sent home.

-Joey’s date is next! Charity drives up in an ATV to meet him because why not at this point?

-The ATV breaks down but they turn it into an adventure, which includes talking about their hometown and making out.

-At dinner, he talks about how he comes off confident but has insecurities…..and he is human. They bond over this, declare their love for one another and go to the Fantasy Suite, which looks like the hotel I stayed in when I was on my last business trip.

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-They enjoy the morning after together before she prepares to be with Dotun.

-Dotun date: Jet skiing, picnic, making out.

-Dinner portion is the same as Joey’s: discussing their fears, relationship, future and going to the Fantasy Suite.

-After they spend the morning together, Charity goes to the beach where she sees Aaron. (He asks the front desk lady where she is….as if she is supposed to know.)

-Charity is getting her drink on and is surprised by this. She seems happy to see him and they have a long talk which will continue in two weeks after the Men Tell All. Stay tuned.



It’s a night full of confrontations, apologies and emotions as Charity reunites with 13 men sent home this season. For the first time since filming, Charity’s former flames come together to address some of the season’s most memorable moments and controversies. Then, Charity enters the hot seat to answer burning questions and share a surprising sneak peek of her final days in Fiji. Later, former Bachelorettes Trista Sutter, Desiree Siegfried and Deanna Pappas join Charity onstage to share their best advice. Plus, the first Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner, makes an exciting appearance.

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The 13 men in studio are the following:
Aaron S., 33, a firefighter from San Diego, Calif.
Adrian, 33, a realtor from Northridge, Calif.
Brayden, 24, a travel nurse from San Diego, Calif.
Caleb B., 24, a pro wrestler from Orlando, Fla.
James, 28, an attorney from Chicago, Ill.
John B., 27, a data scientist from New York, N.Y.
John Henry, 30, an underwater welder from Virginia Beach, Va.
Michael, 28, a yacht captain from Chicago, Ill.
Peter, 33, an airline pilot from New York, N.Y.
Sean, 25, a software sales representative from Tampa, Fla.
Spencer, 32, a medical sales director from Moorpark, Calif.
Tanner, 30, a mortgage lender from Pittsburgh, Pa.
Xavier, 27, a biomedical scientist from Carrboro, N.C.

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