The Bachelorette Recap for 10/27/2020: Roasting for Roses

Tonight is the third week of The Bachelorette on ABC. Last week, we saw Clare get closer to Dale, send Brandon home and give Riley, Jason, Blake Moynes and Chasen roses. Yosef got mad over the strip dodgeball date, which he found classless.


This episode picks up where we left off, with Clare mingling and and Yosef still complaining over the dodgeball date. I get how he finds it degrading and I am on the fence on how I feel about his reaction.


He goes to Clare and talks to her about it and tells her how degrading he found the date. He is also ashamed to be a part of this, especially since he has a young child. She tries to defend herself, but he keeps interrupting her. She yells him at him, telling him that she would never want man like him to be the father of her child and kicks him out. The other guys overhear and are shocked.


The thing is, he was making some valid points, but worded it poorly and really took it too far by saying how ashamed he was of being there if it was like this and calling her unfit to be the mother of his children.


Yosef continues to yell at her, calling classless and how he expected more from the oldest bachelorette. Everyone finds him disrespectful and he tells the boys she is all theirs.


Dale goes to make her feel better and talk, giving her hugs and words of comfort. She is more smitten than ever.


Chris Harrison also talks to her, calming her down until the rose ceremony. She apologizes to them for canceling the cocktail party and not spending enough time with them and then gets down to business.

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Dale (the one with Clare’s heart)

Zac C (no clue)

Demar (hot spin instructor)

Brendan (No clue)

Jordan (WHO?)

Joe (cutie who reminds me of Venmo John)

Jay (looks like the third Lachey brother)

Bennett (Clark Kent’s long lost brother)

Eazy (Dude who gave her a foot rub)

Ben (No clue)

Ed (Dude I found out is from Pittsburgh)

Ivan (I seriously don’t think I have ever seen him before)

Kenny (looks like he should be in a boy band)


Final Rose:

Zach J (Other Zach)



Blake Monar




The next day, they talk about the Yosef debacle. Dale says he felt protective because he has four sisters and hates seeing them sad.


Chris says everyone will have dates this week and gives out the first date card.


Jason, Jay, Eazy, Chasen, Blake, Ed, Riley, Dale are on the first group date with the clue ‘today we separate the men from the boys.’ If Clare is so into Dale, why doesn’t he have a one on one date?


Before we get to the date, DeAnna Pappas comes over to chat with Clare. It is actually very cute, especially when she gushes over Dale. DeAnna says she felt the same way when she met her husband.


Meanwhile, the guys are waiting….and waiting…and waiting for Clare to arrive for the date. She finally arrives and says they are not doing the day portion of the date, but instead only having a long cocktail party. It is basically code for her spending as much time with Dale as possible. I feel bad for the other guys because they also want to get to know Clare and this is rude. She doesn’t have to make out or even kiss or hug anyone….but she should at least talk to them and acknowledge their presence.

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Dale and Clare make out for an hour and the other guys are getting annoyed. A few of the guys go to find Clare and Dale and catch them together in her house. She invites them in as Dale goes back to the guys. No one is happy with him or Clare.


She continues to spend time with the guys, but it seems like she is just phoning it in. Dale gets more time and he guys keep getting annoyed and I can’t even blame him at this point. They even sent him know how they feel, causing a bit of an argument.


Dale gets the rose because of course he does. The other guys are not happy.



Date #2 is for Zach J with the clue I am looking for my best friend. However, when she picks him up, she still wishes she was with Dale. Their date is a spa date and it seems awkward as heck. It is obvious she doesn’t want to be there and she seems more interested in her dog than him. Zach even seems more into the dog. They try to kiss, but she thinks he is backing away, so she backs away.He ends up trying to take her arm and kiss again, thinking she backed away. She leaves, making him feel rejected.


At dinner, Chris tells him Clare isn’t coming for dinner and that he is going home. I feel so bad for him because he seems so confused. For what it’s worth, I get how she could have been triggered, but he wasn’t being violent or anything, it looked more like a comforting ‘hey, what’s wrong’ kind of arm touch, or like he was trying to grab her hand and missed, nothing bad or violent at all. However, I can also see her side of it and not wanting to be touched.

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The other guys talk about Zach J’s feelings for Clare and the fiasco that happened on the group date the night before. They also wonder if Dale and Clare talked via social media. However, they still want to see where things go. They are also shocked when Zach J leaves.


The group date, which consists of the other men who have not yet been on dates, is a roast with Margaret Cho in tow. The other men are there to watch.


It starts out fine…..until they begin to make fun of Dale, upsetting Clare. Dale, however, thinks it is funny. She gets a bit sassy and says they cannot hate on love.


The cocktail party consists of Clare questioning the guys about why they are roasting Dale. She wants to know why it is such a joke, but no one says anything. They all feel like second best compared to Dale. Because of this, she says NO ROSE FOR YOU and gives it to herself. Um, yay?


The guys are ANGRY and think about walking out because they feel so disrespected.


The drama continues next week with…..Tayshia? Stay tuned.


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