The Bachelorette Finale Recap for 8/21/2023

The Bachelorette Finale Recap for 8/21/2023

The Bachelorette Finale Recap for 8/21/2023

-The Bachelorette finale/After the Final Rose hybrid. Three hours that claim to be the most dramatic of the franchise.

-Something will happen that has never happened before on the ATFR stage.

-The new Bachelor will be revealed and one lucky lady in the audience will be on the season—and she has no idea. Well, she does now, Jesse!

-Why are Pilot Pete’s parents there?

-Back to Fiji. Charity is happy to see Aaron, is happy to see him and still has feelings for him….but doesn’t know what to do because she still loves Dotun and Joey.

-Charity spends time with Aaron before thinking about her decision and the upcoming rose ceremony.

-The guys seem very unfazed with Aaron randomly showing up. I expected a bigger reaction.

-Joey gets a rose!

-Charity takes Aaron aside and lets him go. She is sweet with him and it makes me wonder if this is a Bachelor edit for him.

-Charity explains everything to the guys before giving Dotun the second rose.

-Aaron talks to Jesse about the journey and it is revealed that he is going to Bachelor in Paradise.

-Joey meets Charity’s family…..but where is her brother?

-Joey talks to everyone and makes it clear that he loves Charity.

-Jesse is Phil Donahue-ing it up and interviews Lea….who is living in LA but from Hawaii…..could she be the new contestant on The Bachelor?

-I completely zoned out and now Dotun is meeting the family. They all talk and get to know each other, but they seem to not like Dotun?

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-After the meetings, Charity talks to her family and gets their opinions on the guys. They make it clear she is the only one who can make the decision, which leaves her even more confused. She talks to her mom about it, but they end up kind of arguing, which leaves her even more upset.

-Last chance dates…..more or less what we saw two weeks ago during Fantasy Suite night. Not gonna lie, I zoned out during both of them.

-Brooklyn and Kat offer their support for Charity and think either guy would make a good Bachelor….and Jesse says they will both be on BIP.

-BIP sneak peek. It looks like a Beach Blanket parody…..complete with someone having poop issues, Hannah Brown returning and a lot of crying. There is a sentence I never thought I would write. Oh, and there is a wedding!

-Rachel and Brayden sitting in the audience together…..hmmmm….

-Neil Lane helps Dotun pick out a ring.

-Both guys get ready and go to prepare to propose to Charity.

-I just gasped along with the audience when they showed Joey. No idea why, but it was gasp worthy!

-Joey declares his love for Charity and she lets him go as they both cry.

-Jesse talks to Joey and asks him how he is doing and tells him that he will see Charity soon. Joey is still heartbroken.

-How is there still an hour left of this? Cheese and crackers!

-Joey sees Charity face to face or the first time. He tells her he appreciates all she has done for him and she tells him she will always have respect and love for him. They have a sweet moment that make it seem like they will always have some sort of friendship.

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-Dotun declares his love for Charity and THEY ARE ENGAGED! MAZEL TOV!

-Jesse congratulates them and interviews some rando named Annie who is a certified life coach. Is she going to be on the show? We shall see!

-Charity and Dotun take the stage, happy and in love. She is glowing and happily shows off her ring. The two of them gush over each other the entire time.

-Charity’s mom seems to have warmed up to Dotun.

-Jesse surprises them with a trip to Greece.


-Joey is the new Bachelor to the surprise of exactly zero people who watched tonight.

-Lea from Hawaii is on his season!

-Also, it’s been bugging me all night—why is Barb there?

-The twist is Lea has an envelope she cannot open until she gets to the mansion. COME ON, SON!

-That’s a wrap, next up is Golden Bachelor and BIP…..until next month, kiddies!


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