Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/21/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/21/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/21/2023

It is double eviction night on CBS’s Big Brother 25. There will also be another twist that will be revealed later on in the broadcast.

Cameron and America are up for eviction.

Mecole questions Cirie about the alliance with Jag, Matt, Blue and America and Cory. Blue and Matt discuss the possibility of nominating Jared, but she thinks it’s too soon to make this kind of move. Matt is not happy about this.

The Scary-verse sends a message that is hard to understand, but Matt thinks that it could mean that the eviction might be null and void.

Double eviction begins! America and Cameron state their cases as to why they should stay. In a unanimous vote, Cameron is evicted from the house.

Cameron knew this was coming and tells this to Julie. She tells him that his eviction is undead.


HOH time! Everyone faces off and answers questions until there is one person left standing….that person is Cory!

Cory wants to put Blue up as a pawn to get rid of Jared, but she tells him to put him up with Cirie instead. Jag agrees Blue should go up, so the plan is in motion. This also means if Blue wins, she will use it on herself and not Jared.


Cory announces that Jared and Blue are on the block.


POV time! The three of them, plus Mecole, Matt and Jag are playing for POV. They must find three items in a pit….the one to get all three first wins. It is a battle between the guys, but Matt ends up winning it all.

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Matt decides to keep the nominations the same.


After a final plea from Blue and Jared the second eviction happens. Cirie votes to evict Blue, while everyone else votes to evict Jared, causing him to leave the house.


TWIST! Jared and Cameron will return as Zombies and have a chance to return to the house. Stay tuned!



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