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The Real Housewives of Orange County Snark and Highlights for 7/26/2023

The Real Housewives of Orange County Snark and Highlights for 7/26/2023

-Jenn and Taylor bonding with their kids is so cute….I am not sure about the Big Daddy nickname though….it makes me think of Blanche’s dad on Golden Girls.

-I cannot get over how much Kennedy has grown up since season one of RHOBH.

-It seems like it is Tamra and Heather vs. Shannon, Taylor and Jenn.

-The cotton candy flashback was so unexpected, but so funny.

-Oh girl, leaving your purse unattended is such a bad idea.

-A champagne gun actually looks like a really cool thing to have at a party.

-So far, this episode is giving us chit chat, whining and drinking. No real drama.

-The drunk montage was actually a bit alarming….I never realized how many times people on this show get drunk.

-That food spread is epic…..this is what you do when you entertain guests! Take note, RHONY!

-I have no clue who Heather Amin is or why she is at this party, but she is giving serious Traci Barber vibes.

-Gina and Emily giving commentary over the drama with Shannon, Tamra, Jen and Heather A, is what this episode needs.

-Seriously Heather A…..WHO ARE YOU and why are you involved in this?

-A champagne slip and slide is exactly what this episode needs to get away from the drama.

-There is a lot of food in this episode and it is making me hungry.

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-Gina finally seems to be coming into her own personally and professionally and I love that for her.

-Tamra, Shannon and Vicki reunited for lunch and tequila is exactly the kind of mess this season needs.

-Kumbaya and praying while drinking is…a choice.

-Tamra…..honey, what are you doing? Why are you acting like this?

-What is this big secret about Shannon’s relationship?

-More next week, stay tuned!

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