Stars on Mars Recap for 6/26/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 6/26/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 6/26/2023

-Tom thinks that no matter how bad life on Earth is, it is nothing compared to what they have on Mars.

-Tinashe and Ronda echo his sentiments and are beginning to really feel the stress. However, Ronda takes time to train people and work out in order to relieve some of the stress.

-Porsha and Ronda ‘fight’ each other.

-It is time to choose a new base commander. Ronda and Adam are the favorites to be chosen, leading to Lance thinking that alliances are being formed. He is not happy about this.

-Ronda must oversee in cleaning the HAB because there may be a contaminant. There is a cockroach, which Lance picks up, leading to a disagreement with Ariel.

-Ariel explains how seeing the cockroach was triggering because of a movie she filmed when she was younger.

-Lance calls his son, who talks to Marshawn and Tom.

-The fact that Tom is on Mars in order to escape Scandoval since he is in the middle of it (as Sandoval’s business partner and BFF) is so on brand for him.

-Lance and Marshawn are in charge of the drone, while everyone else is in charge of the new robot dog. The two dogs are Marsha and Eartha.

-Tom is somehow the one to control the dog best.

-Lance and Marshawn bond as they are in drone training and decide to form an alliance.

-More contaminants are detected and everyone must be checked.

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-Shatty Daddy says there will be a double elimination and warns them about the contaminants.

-Ariel is the mission specialist, even though Porsha is the one who wanted the job.

-It is time for deployment! They must use flamethrowers to destroy the fungus….while Ronda and Ariel command them.

-There are two groups: Tinashe and Porsha are each are in charge of the group. Lance and Marshawn have the flamethrowers for their groups, while everyone else has flashlights.

-The teams are all able to burn the fungus. However, they need to hustle if they want to complete the mission in time.

-Things are looking a bit dicey as they try to finish the mission before they run out of oxygen.

-The pressure is intense, with one team falling apart. Tom decides to help his teammates and not leave them behind, even if it means sacrificing himself.

-In the end, they all get the oxygen needed to make the mission a success.

-Shatty Daddy reminds them that it is time for the double elimination.

-Tinashe gets the first perseverance patch and is safe.

-Marshawn, Lance and Porsha are also safe, with Tom, Adam and Natasha in the bottom three.

-Natasha decides to sacrifice herself, making her one of ones leaving. Tom is also eliminated.

-More next week, stay tuned……when four people join them in Mars.


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