Mean Girl Murders Recap for Clash of the Coeds

Mean Girl Murders Recap for Minnesota Vicious

Mean Girl Murders Recap for Clash of the Coeds

-This week’s Mean Girl Murders is titled Clash of the Coeds and takes plays in Middle Tennessee State University.

-The school had its usual cliques, which led to some devastating times on March 2nd. 2011. A 911 call came in, reporting a fight. When cops and first responders came to the scene, they found chaos….and a dead body.

-In the fall of 2010, Shanterrica Madden and Tina Stewart were attending MTSU on full scholarships. They had also gone to high school together…but were not friends. Tina was a star athlete, while Shanterrica was a hard-working honors student. Despite this, the girls ended up being roommates.

-Tina had no interest in being friends and cared more about her social life than academics. Shanterrica was focused on her studies, but soon made friends of her own. They were like the Odd Couple in terms of keeping things clean. Shanterrica also would eat Tina’s food without permission. This led to them having two of everything and Tina writing her name on what was hers. Shanterrica found this petty.

-Tina also tweeted negative stuff about Shanterrica, leading to even more drama between the girls.

-Shanterrica and her friends would also occasionally smoke weed, which upset Tina because she was on an athletic scholarship. If she tested positive, she could lose everything. The two of them talked it out, but Shanterrica continued to smoke.

-Things got even worse when Tina’s boyfriend KC Anuna came into the picture. Tina and KC were a power couple and always together. He would often stay over the apartment, much to Shanterrica’s chagrin.

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-Things came to a head that January when KC was over when Shanterrica was coming out of the shower. She was not happy about this, despite it being an honest mistake on his part. Shanterrica called her mother to complain, who contacted the apartment complex. This led to them holding a mediation between the roommates, but Tina didn’t show up due to being away for a basketball game.

-Shanterrica went back to the apartment with one of her friends to do laundry and smoke. They had no idea Tina had come back and was in the next room. Tina was not happy with the girls smoking weed and not only reported it, but began to life tweet everything that was happening.

-The cops showed up to the apartment and only then did they know Tina was not only there, but still live tweeting Shanterrica getting busted with weed. The cops only find the end of the joint and made her flush it and toss out her garbage. (?)

-Shanterrica and Tina get into a huge fight at this point and it leads to the cops being called by KC. He came over because he knew something was wrong based on her texts. When he got there, he found Shanterrica, who denied seeing Tina. However, he went inside and found Tina on the floor, bleeding from a stab wound.

-Shanterrica tried to hide from the cops, but she was soon found and apprehended.

-Tina is taken to the hospital, while the crime scene is processed and KC writes a statement. The knife used was not found, but it is found inside a nearby dumpster, wrapped in a Tinkerbell blanket. All the evidence is taken to be processed.

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-As all this is happening, Tina dies from her wounds. KC is devastated by the news, collapsing to the ground in shock.

-Shanterrica is questioned by police and tells them that a man with dreads was looking for Tina, implying that he was the one who killed Tina.

-Renee, who was Shanterrica’s friend at the time, was questioned and told police that the fight turned physical. Shanterrica then told her that they had to go and Tina had left. However, she witnessed her wrapping the knife in the blanket and left herself, anonymously calling 911 on the way to report Shanterrica.

-Shanterrica kept changing her story, even saying she stabbed Tina in self-defense. However, this is found to be absolutely false based on the wounds found on Tina’s body.

-Shanterrica acted like nothing was amiss, so she continued to do her laundry, tossed the knife and blanket to the dumpster and sent fake texts to KC from Tina’s phone. All the evidence connected her to the murder and she is arrested.

-On May 14th, 2012, the trial begins, and Shanterrica gets 29 years in prison.

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