Stars on Mars Recap for 6/12/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 6/12/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 6/12/2023

-Day three of the experiment–7:03 am. Everyone wakes up and prepares for the day. This includes chores (while keeping in mind rations are limited), growing stuff and cleaning.

-Marshawn’s reign as base commander is coming to an end.

-Lance uses Marshawn’s private bathroom even though he was told not to….but in all fairness, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

-Tom thinks he may be too passive. This, coupled with being in the bottom three, has him questioning if he can be the next base commander.

-Marshawn and Ronda fighting was hilarious.

-Ariel wants to be commander, but the others don’t take her seriously because she is so young and cute and innocent.

-Tallulah is the new base commander and she is absolutely delighted. She opts to let Marshawn stay in the room and bunk with the girls.

-Natasha fangirling over Tom and Vanderpump Rules is adorable.

-Tom opening up about Scandoval and his divorce to Natasha is kind of sweet. It is refreshing to see him take some ownership for his past actions.

-Tallulah gives out the assignments: Tom and Ariel are cleaning solar panels and keep power running to the hab, Porsha and Lance will conduct health and well-being checks….and I guess everyone else does whatever?

-Ariel and Tom are bonding over their struggling, but….seemed to not do their task correctly?

-WTF just happened?

-Looks like the water isn’t running for whatever reason.

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-William Shatner says they are out of water, but they can go on a mission to get frozen water deep under the surface of Mars….that night. They must rely on their leadership skills or face elimination….even Tallulah.

-Natasha will assist Tallulah, while everyone else prepares for deployment. They all must come together to extract and pump the water to the surface. Marshawn and Ariel stay on top, while everyone else rappels down. Marshawn was initially supposed to go down, but Adam agreed to switch with him.

-Porsha being scared over heights is so relatable….but I am glad she has the crew there for support.

-Tom and Ariel switch places? I am so confused.

-Seeing the extraction and pumping of water is actually quite interesting.

-NOOOOOOOOOO! The water is leaking out of the tarp!

-They got it to work! Yay!

-They are losing water again and might not have enough….and Tom misspoke, so now they don’t have as much water as they thought.

-Mission failed due to not getting enough water…..and now Tallulah feels like she let everyone down.

-Tallulah is now up for elimination.

-Ariel, Tinashe, Richard, Ronda, Porsha, Adam and Lance are safe.

-Tom, Tallulah and Marshawn are in the bottom three. All three are upset but realize where they went wrong.

-Marshawn and Tom are safe, Tallulah is sent home. Everyone is so sad and she shares love and positivity to all. Also, my darling, you SHOULD be proud of yourself, you are AMAZING!!!!

-More next week, stay tuned.

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