Stars on Mars Finale Recap for 8/28/2023

Stars on Mars Finale Recap for 8/28/2023

Stars on Mars Finale Recap for 8/28/2023

STARS ON MARS: L-R: Paul Pierce and Cat Cora in the “Brightest Star” season finale episode of STARS ON MARS airing, Monday, Aug, 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Brook Rushton/FOX. ©2023 FOX Media LLC.

Stars on Mars Finale Recap for 8/28/2023

-This is it…..the season finale of Stars on Mars on Fox. Five celebrities remain—Cat Cora, Paul Pierce, Porsha Williams Guobadia, Tinashe an Adam Rippon. One will win Brightest Star and the first season of the show!

-Shatty Daddy joins the crew as they prepare for their final mission. He finds a random button that if pushed could spell disaster for everyone.

-Shatty Daddy tells them that the five will go down to three, who will compete for the Brightest Stat title.

-The final five now have to figure out who among them is mission critical and who is not. They write out the pros and cons of their competitors and question each other with Shatty Daddy in attendance.

-Tinashe is the first one who is mission critical.

-Porsha is the next one to be mission critical.

-Adam is the final one who is mission critical.

-Cat and Paul are not mission critical and are eliminated.

-Despite being happy that they are mission critical, they all admit they miss Cat and her cooking.

-As the final three head to bed, the HAB is shut down!

-Shatty Daddy is there to meet them as they have to come up with their final messages. He tells them that this is what is all comes down to….there are two satellites out there and the first to get there and broadcast their message will win Brightest Star.

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-Before this, they are given a space quiz based on their manual. It reminds me of Big Brother’s competitions. Two of them will move on to the final challenge.

-Adam is the first to complete the quiz and make it through. Now it is up to Tinashe or Porsha to get the final spot….only one will make it to the end with Adam.

-Tinashe makes it through, meaning Porsha is not mission critical.

-Adam and Tinashe are neck and neck to complete the final mission in working on the satellite and getting their message out to the public.

-Adam seems to be struggling and realizes that he misread some stuff in his manual.

-Tinashe ends up in the lead, but Adam quickly catches up.

-Adam pulls ahead AND WINS BRIGHTEST STAR!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! His message is played around the world and made me smile and cry at the same time!

-Congratulations, Adam!!!

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