ICYMI: America’s Got Talent Audition 3 Recap for 6/13/2023

ICYMI: America's Got Talent Audition 3 Recap for 6/13/2023

ICYMI: America’s Got Talent Audition 3 Recap for 6/13/2023

John Wines–Guitarist: He is on TikTok and I quite enjoy his posts…there is something so endearing about him. John is a music teacher and a wizard on the guitar. Now, I am not usually a fan of people covering Queen, but for him, I will make an exception. He turns We Will Rock You into an all new song that is all his own…and it is incredible.—4 yeses.


Brynn Cummings–Ventriloquist: She is only twelve years old and was inspired to do the show by season 12 winner Darci Lynn. She shares a lot of Darci’s qualities, but has her own brand of humor and even adds magic to her act!–4 yeses.


Roland Abante–Singer: He is from the Philippines and has an interpreter. He also appeared on Ellen thanks to a viral YouTube video. Tonight he sings When a Man Loves a Woman and it amazing. He does seem nervous, but also sweet at the same time.–4 yeses.


Riccardo Pace–Hand Percussionist: He plays A Moment Like This by making noises with his hands and…I have no idea. Simon buzzes him, but the others seem to enjoy it?–3 yeses.


Ahren Belisle–Comic: He has cerebral palsy and is mute. He tells his jokes using an app on his phone, which is unbelievable. The jokes remind me a bit of Cousin Geri’s on Facts of Life, but more modern. He even makes fun of Karens by changing the voice on said app.–4 yeses.

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Grace Good–Hula Hooper/Acrobats:  How she is able to combine silks and the hula hoop is beyond me….I can’t do either, let alone at the same time. Once she adds fire to the act? WOW! –4 yeses.


Alfie Andrew–Singer: He is another one who went viral on social media. He reminds me of the one friend Michelle had on Full House (Derek?)with his voice and personality. I just adore him and smiled from start to finish.–4 yeses.


David Rush–Guinness World Record Breaker: He was the t-shirt ripping dude from a few years ago. This time, he is breaking a fist pumping record…or trying to anyway. Only Howie likes it. Everyone else buzzes him.–Sent home.


Alexandr Leshchenko–Dancer: They are friends with AGT alumni Light Dance. I love the multimedia and 3D stuff they added to the act, making it stand out. –4 yeses.



Herwan Legaillard–Sword Swallower: Another danger act involving–you guessed it—swallowing swords. I have no idea what to think about any of it, but the judges like it.–4 yeses.


Chioma and The Atlanta Drum Academy–Drumline: I am in awe…..Chioma is a show stopper and everyone else helps bring the act to a whole new level. They GET TERRY’S GOLDEN BUZZER!!!!


More next week, stay tuned.


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