Night Court Recap for 4/4/2023

Night Court Recap for 4/4/2023

NIGHT COURT -- “DA Club” Episode 108 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Rauch as Abby Stone, Kurt Fuller as Jeff -- (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC)

Night Court Recap for 4/4/2023

The episode opens with another case. Dan defends his client, who was growing drugs on his boat, but Olivia seems distracted, which concerns both Abby and Gurgs.


It turns out that Olivia is trying to impress Eli Bettencourt, who is a huge politician.


Another DA named Jeff shows up and it turns out that he is an old rival of Dan’s. He wants a meeting with Abby, but he also wants to compete with Dan. He ends up taking over for Olivia, doing his best to outshine Dan and make him look bad.


Later on, Dan and Abby talk about Jeff, with him giving her advice on how to handle him at the meeting.


Olivia is upset over Jeff, so she rants to Gurgs, who tries to make her feel better. She then finds out Abby is going to an exclusive club with Jeff, so she gets herself an invitation so she can network.


At the club, Olivia mingles while Abby goes to talk to Jeff….and Dan. The three of them talk about how to improve things in the city….despite the fact that Abby’s iPad with her notes was stolen on the subway.


Neil is getting ready to deliver papers to Abby. Gurgs calls him out on his feelings, but tells him to be more confident and dress better.


Abby is upset Dan is there and tells him so when Jeff excuses himself to take a call. He explains that he wants to help her, but he still doesn’t listen to what she wants when Jeff comes back. However, Jeff admits he is not the same person, so it makes things awkward for him and Dan.

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Gurgs continues to help Neil get some confidence at the club, but she gets distracted when she sees an old friend. Neil, for his part, gets mistaken for a waiter.  Olivia continues to feel like an outsider and makes things worse when she ends up arguing with Gurgs AND insulting the club.


Abby gets word that her iPad was found, giving Jeff and Dan a chance to talk alone. It turns out he is only using her as a scapegoat for the re-election, upsetting Dan. He goes to tell Abby, who has no time for games. She insists on doing things her own way and ends up confiding in Neil, who is now bartending.


She then talks to Olivia to try and get her to help, but she is only interested in getting into the club. However, the two decide to join forces and call Jeff out by revealing that he is having an affair with his donor’s wife. They threaten to use it as blackmail unless he cooperates with her and listens to her plans. Olivia also says the place will be getting shut down due to violations.


The episode ends with the gang all together as Neil epically fails at bartending.

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