Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster Part 2 Recap

Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster Part 2 Recap

Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster Part 2 Recap

Part 2:


-Another investigative reporter named Tim Evans talks about the rise and fall of Jared Fogle’s fame and how Jared used his popularity for The Jared Foundation, which was created to help combat childhood obesity.

-A man named Russell Taylor helped him with the organization, but Russell also had a dark side. At the time, he worked for the American Heart Association until Jared offered him a job at his own organization.

-The two of them worked at the organization by day, but led a dark lifestyle at night, feeding into each other’s additions and demons.

-Russell’s stepdaughters Hannah and Christian recall when their mom Angela met him and brought him home. They were ten and thirteen, respectively. They thought he seemed nice at first, but they soon saw a darker side to him.

-The two girls remember moving in with him and having their own rooms for the first time. They also remember him being passionate about film and making movies. Hannah says he made a softball video of her that felt a bit weird and extra.

-When Angela and Russell got married, things began to change. Angela went from a conservative, Christian woman to being a partier who encouraged the girls to drink and smoke weed. They thought they had a ‘cool mom’ but soon realized it was not all it was cracked up to be.

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-Rochelle Herman decided to go to the FBI with the information she had about Jared. She met with Agent Billings and shared everything she had on Jared.  More agents came in and were absolutely floored about the information they had.

-They wanted to get Jared, but since he did not consent to being recorded, they could not only not use them, but Rochelle could be held on felony charges. The only saving grace was that Rochelle had to agree to work with the FBI using specific protocol.

-Bob Hamer, a former FBI agent, explains how Rochelle worded things in order to get information from Jared. The information was nothing short of disturbing, heartbreaking and painful. To quote the hero herself, ‘monster is too kind of a word.’

-The victims of Jared’s crimes were now being tracked down as Rochelle continued to get more information in order to bring him down.

-Hannah and Christian remember learning Russell worked with Jared and getting to know him. They agree that it was a great experience at first and they considered Jared to be like an uncle. However, things soon took a darker turn, as they felt Jared had a hold on them.

-Rochelle continued to work with the FBI recording calls with Jared and making drops, sacrificing everything, including her family who could not know the specifics of what was going on.

-Rochelle’s daughter Angela ended up having mental issues due to what was happening.

-Calls got darker and more disturbing between Jared and Rochelle. She remembers one specific one from when he was in Thailand that is too disturbing to even repeat that involved a young male child.

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-She soon discovered Jared was abusing children in Thailand and the USA. However, there was no overt act or any actual proof, so an arrest could not be made.

-Hannah and Christian recall Russell and Jared wanting to meet one of their friends for dinner. They all went out and Jared’s interest in her soon came out. They didn’t think too much of it at first, but the friend was very uncomfortable.

-Things began to take a toll on Rochelle. At one point, someone went into her office and destroyed her journals. Her daughter admitted to doing it and it completely destroyed their relationship. At that point she knew she needed to remove herself from the situation for the sake of her family.

-Rochelle and the FBI decided to lure Jared to Sarasota under the guise of there being a party for her son. However, it was a sting operation to try and catch him in the act. They got him to agree to come to the party and he even suggested her kids invite all their friends. During the conversations about the party, he talked about how he would groom them and wanted Rochelle to get the kids to talk about sex. He would also want to know who the most vulnerable kids were and planned on targeting them.

-Jared requested to see Rochelle’s kids naked, shaking her to her very core. It got worse when he requested she put cameras in their rooms to record them.

-Jared ended up showing up early, which threw a wrench in Rochelle’s plans with the FBI. The whole operation fell apart.

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-Rochelle became terrified about what would happen if Jared ever found out what she was doing. It continued to take a toll on her, especially when things with Jared got even more disturbing. She finally confessed everything to a co-worker, who initially didn’t believe her. However, he soon realized she was telling the truth.

-Hannah and Christian remember the day Russell got arrested on child pornography charges. Their mom called while they were at school to tell them to google the news since she could not talk about it at the moment.

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